Case Studies

The customer received a converted application in just 4,5 months

A customized Ispirer Toolkit enabled the seamless and accelerated migration process from DB2 to PostgreSQL.

A leading IT service provider approached us to customize Ispirer Toolkit and facilitate Oracle PL/SQL to Java migration.

Ispirer Toolkit helped to swiftly migrate COBOL application to Java, resulting in a significant enhancement of application performance.

The customer received the upgraded PostgreSQL database and PostGIS in just 2,5 months.

Migrating business logic from SQL Server to Java using Ispirer toolkit turned out to be three times cheaper than manual migration.

Ispirer Toolkit made it possible to save up to 40% of Informix 4GL to Java migration expenditures.

The customer got high-quality, easy-to-maintain code, making it easier to support and reducing time to market without the need to rewrite or redesign their application.

The customer received a modernized application in C#, which is a feature-for-feature equivalent to the original Delphi application. Thus getting the ability to easily maintain and enhance the newly migrated code.

As part of the cloud transition project, getting rid of an outdated OS/390 mainframe allowed a global HR software vendor to gain security and manageability with the latest Microsoft business solutions.

Replacing Db2 with a PostgreSQL database enabled the innovator in business payment automation technologies to save on licensing, support, and maintenance costs.

Using PostgreSQL, the global assurance and consulting leader has minimized system downtime, improved their infrastructure performance and reliability.

One of the biggest healthcare organisations approached Ispirer team for mirating legacy Sybase ASA database to modern and flexible Microsoft SQL Server.

A leading laboratory information systems provider approached to Ispirer willing to migrate Oracle database to PostgreSQL to have extended functionality

The Ispirer's customer is a major provider of innovative solutions for manufacturing and service sector. The company was looking for a solution to migrate Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL.

The company made a decision to supersede outdated relational database management system to a more cutting-edge one. The best alternative for the company appeared to be PostgreSQL due to the number of internal reasons.

The client turned to Ispirer with an inquiry involving application conversion to the Web and aimed at using Java for these ends. The technology choice was based on the project requirements and the expertise of the internal team.

Ispirer representatives had the honour to negotiate business opportunities with Amazon Web Services. Our team’s experience across database and cloud technologies was the point at issue along with the matter how Ispirer expertise could be used to power a wide variety of ASW projects.

The company develops state-of-the-art automation systems for operation, disposition, monitoring and control for all industries. The customer needed to reanimate their software by moving from Delphi to C#.

Company offerings include customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and human capital management (HCM) software. The customer needed to migrate their Progress 4GL business logic to C#.

Our customer is a trusted US corporation that provides human resources services and business solutions. The customer needed to perform the migration of its Informix 4GL code to Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures.

Our customer was the US public corporation and independent unit of state government. They approached Ispirer Systems with the challenge of implementation of PostgreSQL as the enterprise database platform.

This time Ispirer had the honour to cooperate with a large software manufacturer based in Chile. The company took decision to migrate their legacy database Sybase ASE to a modern and perspective platform SQL Server.

Our customer is a full-services IT firm dedicated to software and application development, reengineering and maintenance. The company approached Ispirer with the challenge to migrate their DB2 iSeries database to SQL Server.

Ispirer was contacted by one of the global IT consulting companies. They were searching for a solution to perform migration for one of their major clients. The task was to move an application written in Oracle Forms to Java.

At the beginning of 2017 an Indian multinational company that provides innovative IT solutions and services turned to Ispirer Systems. The customer was considering migration of their PL/SQL application to Java.

Our customer ia a healthcare organization dedicated to improve funding and clinical performance of hospitals and healthcare systems. The company's requirement was to get the application on the new C# .NET platform.

This time the Egyptian office of one of the world’s biggest insurance companies has turned to Ispirer. The customer need to modernize one of their production systems by moving the Informix 4GL desktop application to a web application.

Ispirer's customer is one of the global leaders and innovators that provides integrated technology and services for financial industry. The company decided to modernize their payment system by moving Informix 4GL to .NET.

A Dutch IT company whose products help to create and share digital design. For many years, the company has been developing software for designers and recently has decided to modernize their product by moving C++ application to C#.

Our customer is a leading Canadian enterprise operating in pharmaceutical area in Canada. The company concluded that their development environment was not flexible enough and thus initiated system consolidation to .NET.

A multinational corporation that operates in energy sector decided to continue the modernization of IT infrastructure. They needed to migrate several databases from Sybase ASE environment to Teradata platform.

Our customer is one of the world's largest provider of Internet television network listed on Fortune 500 and Global 2000. The company took a decision to start using Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

One of the Dutch Software development companies that helps various organizations to optimize their business processes turned to Ispirer Systems to receive a solution for InterBase to Microsoft SQL Server migration.

Our customer is an insurance enterprise that offers a great variety of personal and commercial insurance programs. They decided to store their business intelligence and data using the Oracle relational database management system.

The task of Ispirer migration experts was to provide the solution for the migration of an Oracle database into a new RDBMS Sybase ASE.

Ispirer had an honour to perform the project for a major player in energy world market based in the US. The company had taken the decision to store their business intelligence and data using the Teradata database.

In 2014 we had the honour to work with a worldwide leader in IT distribution based in the US. The company ran their database on Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and decided to transfer data to MySQL due to business need.

Аn organization from the US offering individual and family community support services. In order to successfully pursue multiple social goals, the organization needed to migrate their databases to the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

A global data-warehousing public company contacted Ispirer Systems from their office located in Turkey. The customer had to stop using Microsoft SQL Server as their main RDBMS for some internal reasons.

Our client is a software development and information technology services provider based in Brazil. The company selected Ispirer, and our professionals were requested to automate the migration of the FireBird database to Oracle.

We performed the project for the local administration of a town in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. They needed to transfer their critical data from the IBM DB2 LUW environment to the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Our customer is a manufacturer of high-end components and utility systems for primary processing industries worldwide. The Ispirer experts were asked for a solution that would guarantee a smooth move from Progress to SQL Server.

The company is built of highly skilled and competent professionals that are dedicated to proving expert solutions. The environment change of their critical application to C# .NET was committed to enhance their own internal operation.

Our customer is a real estate financial and IT services provider. The customer wanted Ispirer Systems to migrate the IBM DB2 database to Oracle. The task also included the COBOL scripts conversion into PL/SQL.

Our customer is a company providing IT and communication services founded more than 20 years ago. The goal of our customer was to come up with a solution for automatic migration of a database from Sybase ASE to IBM DB2.

Ispirer's customer is a US provider of engineered systems and enterprise software, which is listed on the Fortune 500. The customer chose Oracle and SQL Server as the most suitable databases to their functionality and performance.

Ispirer's customer is a large enterprise based in Singapore that provides quasi-conductors and related services. The company needed the migration of their IT structure from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle database.

We had the honour to work with one of the largest clothing and footwear retail chains in Canada. The company was seeking to migrate their IT infrastructure on IBM DB2 databases to Oracle, as this would increase their efficiency.

Our Singapore customer specializes in development of financial IT systems. The company wanted us to provide the solution to migrate schema and more than 35,000 of Transact-SQL code to Oracle PL/SQL.

A US public organization that specializes in computer services. Ispirer took care of the migration of the client’s Progress database to SQL Server. The requirement was to migrate data automatically without any loss.

Ispirer's customer is one of the world’s leaders in financial and investment sphere. They were concerned to modernize a part of their data storage systems by migrating it to the Oracle relational database management system.

Our customer is a worldwide provider of software for care of public health with annual income of 500 million Euro. Ispirer was undergoing a massive project that involved database migration from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle.

Our customer is an individual from Costa Rica. He acquired a license for the use of Ispirer Toolkit in order to perform a database migration from Interbase to MySQL for business purposes.

Our customer is an international corporation that develops software and provides IT services to governmental and commercial sector. The client company planned to move their PowerBuilder Scripts to Java.

Our customer is a software developer that delivers solutions for designers and manufacturers. The goal of Ispirer in this project was to migrate customer’s Oracle database in PL/SQL to Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL.

Ispirer had an honor to work with a leading provider of banking and financial services in Europe. The customer addressed to Ispirer asking for the solution to move their essential database from Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL.

This time Ispirer had an opportunity to work with a company, which is a leading manufacturer of equipment for water supply and plumbery. Our customer required the migration of two databases existing in Progress to SQL Server.

After conducting an extensive research, our Germany-based customer decided to engage Ispirer to perform a migration. The project framework’s main task was to migrate schema (tables’ DDL) and data from the DB2 platform to MySQL.

Out customer is a New York-based major retail store network offering delivery service of provisions. The Ispirer's task was to successfully transfer business logic and data from the Microsoft SQL Server platform to PostgreSQL.

Our customer is a well known for its high quality legal support services across all spheres of business law. The company's project included migration of data and business logic from DB2 AS/400 to SQL Server.

Ispirer's client is a company that renders customer services in dozens of languages and more than 150 locations worldwide. They turned to us to have their Oracle PL/SQL packages migrated to Java with a professional approach.

The Ispirer's customer is a provider of financial and real estate services based in the US. The main challenge of the project was performing an application conversion from Progress 4GL to ASP.NET C#.

Ispirer has been working together with a Czech company that specializes in the development and installation of equipment for gastronomical services. The client needed to perform migration from Sybase ASA to PostgreSQL.

A major provider of solutions in the travel sector asked Ispirer Systems to perform a complex migration. The customer was considering decommissioning of the Progress applications as part of their IT strategy.

An India-based provider of IT services solutions wanted to execute a complementary migration task for one of its customers. The client was looking for a tool to facilitate the migration process of the PostgreSQL database to Oracle.

The US consulting company specializing in mobile device management turned to Ispirer to migrate their application. About seventy thousand lines of code were to be migrated from the Visual Basic technology to VB.NET.

Our client is a U.S.-based health insurance company providing care services through their extensive network of hospitals. The Ispirer team was challenged to perform an application conversion from Delphi to C# .NET.

A renowned US trailer lessor approached Ispirer with a request to complete a major migration of 3 database schemas from Informix to Microsoft SQL Server, 3 PowerBuilder applications and an ASP site to ASP.NET.

The client is a U.S.-based nonprofit education organization that seeks to ensure equal rights for students in low-income groups throughout the United States. This was the second time a customer approached Ispirer.

Our client is a group of the US companies, engaged in manufacturing of steel mill, aggregate, and asphalt products for almost a hundred years. The client had a legacy IBM DB2 z/OS running on the mainframe emulator.

The Ispirer's client is a Saudi Arabian developer of access control and time attendance systems, who was looking to migrate their SQL Server to Oracle. One of the peculiarities of the source database data was Arabic symbols.

Our client is an American broadcasting and cable company. The challenge was to convert the C application from Sybase ESQL API to PostgreSQL ECPG API, including embedded SQL. The total scope included almost 50,000 LOCs.

Our Baltimore, Maryland-based client has been providing documentation and billing solutions for hospitals for more than fifteen years. The challenge was to perform a massive application conversion from PowerBuilder to С#.

We had a chance to work with a leading provider of relocation and moving solutions from Australia, who required our migration services in order to move from the legacy database to the updated platform on the basis of SQL Server.

Our client is a major IT company that delivers services in the field of data analytics, business intelligence, ERP, and other solutions. The project involved tables, data, and business logic to be migrated from Oracle to MySQL.

Ispirer's customer is a company that develops and provides advanced maintenance software solutions and services in the airline software market. Ispirer was issued to migrate a massive PowerBuilder application to Java.

Our client is one of the largest inland transportation companies in the USA. The customer wanted to convert the utility that calculates ships demurrage into Oracle PL/SQL according to internal code requirements.

Our client was a major player in market-driven innovation and science. Their technical team faced a challenging task of migrating one of their critical applications from COBOL to a modern and scalable .NET platform.

Our client is a leading integrated energy company. It is a globally renowned leader in crude oil, natural gas, and alternative energy production. In 2013, the company was looking for a software to migrate several Informix databases.

Our client is one of the world’s leading retailers with over 10 thousand stores in more than thirty countries. In 2013, the customer contacted Ispirer, asking for additional information about the tool SQLWays, its functionality, and price.

The Ispirer's customer is one of the leading commercial television networks in Europe. The company was looking for a solution to convert their business application from Informix 4GL to the C# .NET platform.

Our client is one of the top 3 market chains in the UK. Teradata was chosen as the target DW. HP and Teradata teamed up for the project, and HP asked Ispirer to add special rules into SQLWays for the Neoview to Teradata migration.

Our client is a global provider of ERP, manufacturing, and financials application suite to mid-market companies. The company was looking for an automated solution to convert the product source code from Progress 4GL to C#.

Our client is a provider of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. They needed to implement a large migration project. The massive database which contained several TB of data had to be migrated from Teradata to Vertica.

Our client is a non-profit organization, which works within the educational field, striving to ensure equal rights of students in low-income groups. They needed to migrate their database system from PostgreSQL to Oracle.

Our client is one of the largest parcel tanker operators in the world. To complete customer's project, a solution to migrate business application from Visual Basic 3.0 to the VB.NET platform was needed.

Our client is a UK-based retail chain, trading apparel and accessories online as well as through stores. They considered moving to SQL Server, but the risk was quite high and it took around 3 years to imlement the plan.

Our client is one of the largest banks in South Africa. The customer, working with Ispirer’s partner EMC Greenplum, expressed a desire to use the Greenplum platform. A large number of SQL scripts were to be migrated within a short time.

Our client is Global Investment Bank, a provider of investment banking advisory services. GIB was looking to perform conversion of about 200 applications, schema, and data from Sybase to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

In cooperation with our solution partner in Japan, Ispirer executed a short-term migration project for a subsidiary of a grand, reputed telecommunications company. Our client wanted to migrate their Oracle database to PostgreSQL.