• Customer: Data Warehouse Service Provider
  • Country: Turkey
  • Product Used: Ispirer MnMTK License
  • Source Technology: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Target Technology: Teradata
  • Project Scope: 100,000 LOCs
  • Project Duration: 2014-2015


A global data-warehousing public company contacted Ispirer from their office located in Turkey. Besides of enterprise-level data storage service, the company offers sophisticated marketing solutions, analytics and consulting services.


The customer had to stop using Microsoft SQL Server as their main RDBMS due to a number of internal reasons. The sustainment database platform must keep pace with changing needs of this company. The Teradata platform appeared to be a good alternative to their business needs.


TExperienced Ispirer experts performed Analysis of the customer’s code. Some changes to the existing conversion rules were necessary to achieve the highest level of automated conversion.

During the Extension Stage, the Ispirer technical team prepared and added rules to Ispirer MnMTK to the following statements:

  • WITH common_table_expression;
  • TRY…CATCH construct;
  • RAISERROR statement;
  • IDENTITY property;
  • PRIMARY KEY constraint on multiple columns;
  • Table-Valued User-Defined functions;
  • CREATE VIEW statement WITH common_table_expression;
  • SELECT INTO statement.

After the Extension Stage, the toolkit was licensed to the customer. When the migration began, Ispirer consultants supported the migration process by working with the customer’s specialists. As a result, Ispirer MnMTK automatically converted 100,000 lines of code containing in SQL objects to the Teradata environment.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

Thanks to Ispirer, migration was completed in a short time. The customer’s database continues to meet the needs of their business.