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Intelligent, Custom and Highly Automated Cross Platform Database and Application Migration


Schulz, Brazil

InterBase to Microsoft SQL Server
Database Migration
Schulz. InterBase to Microsoft SQL Server Database Migration

In order to change a factory supervision and information system, we were looking for a tool to migrate the existing "Interbase 6.0" database to "Microsoft SQL Server". We tested a few softwares, but they didn't suit us.


System Protocol Information, Malaysia

Informix to Microsoft SQL Server
Database Migration
System Protocol Information. Informix to Microsoft SQL Server Database Migration

Dear Sir / Madam,

We have just completed our biggest migration job to date from Informix to MS SQL Server. The exercise was efficiently done within schedule given to us. It was a success and thanks to a great part to your tool.


Bellnet (HAS), Japan

Delphi to C# Migration
HAS. Delphi to C# Migration

Our client BELLNET is a Japanese IT company, which maintains computer software used to control medical equipment. They needed to migrate such medical software written in Delphi to C# and contacted us asking for conversion tool.


Steek-IT, the Netherlands

Progress to Microsoft SQL Server migration
 Steek-IT, the Netherlands. Progress to Microsoft SQL Server migration

Steek-IT is an ICT company based in the Netherlands with data migration experience for over 15 years. Next to our specialization in MSSQL, SSIS, SSAS, we create websites, enter-prise software and IOS Apps.


Onyx Sistemas, Brazil
Firebird to PostgreSQL database migration
Onyx Sistemas, Brazil. Firebird to PostgreSQL

The Ispirer Systems team has played an important part in my migration from FirebirdSQL database to PostgreSQL. The database analysis was carried out with the help of their tools, and service that would take months to be completed was done instantly and without delays; the conversion scope contained:


Ocure Analytics, Hungary
Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL Migration
Ocure Analytics. Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL Database Migration

To whom it may concern

Ocure Analytics has selected and engaged Ispirer Systems to transform one of our MS SQL databases to Postgresql version along with more than 30 stored procedures, many of them quite complicated.


Kazakh National Pedagogical University
PASCAL to C#.NET Migration Kazakh National Pedagogical University. PASCAL to C#.NET Migration

I am doing academic work at Kazakh National Pedagogical University.

During the process of electronic textbooks implementation, we faced conversion task that required migrating three small Pascal programs to C# that were developed in 1993.


Extedo, Germany
DB2 to MSSQLServer
Extedo, Germany. DB2 to MSSQLServer

EXTEDO was founded in 1996 as a department of IABG with a simple vision: to help life sciences organizations ensure Effortless Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


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Case Studies
April 28, 2018Informix 4GL to Microsoft SQL Server Solution, United States

Our Customer is a trusted US corporation that provides human resources services and business solutions for more than 100,000 small and midsized businesses across the United States.


January 5, 2018IBM DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL Migration, United States

Our Customer was the US public corporation and independent unit of state government.



We have been researching a number of products that will improve the way that we are exporting data from Progress into SQL server. I have been testing your product as part of a test run for a new job that we have won. My initial thoughts are very positive because it is saving us time plus we can set the export running without having to worry about the export.

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