"We were impressed with the knowledge, professionality, hard work and enthusiasm of the Ispirer team. Through this Migration Project we have a solid base for further expanding our application."

"Frankly, we never expected that the product would handle everything we had done, out of the box. There was no product on the market that could. But with the timely help of Ispirer’s support team, we were able to make great progress automatically."

"The SQLWays Wizard tool proved itself as intended: a resounding success!"

"Ispirer has excellent migration software and professional staff trained in the technological solutions; they have done an excellent job of migrating my DB2 production database to PostGreSQL with the complete information and without losing any data."

"Ispirer delivered the software build-out with an attention to detail that performed an outstanding work. The project was completed in less than 12 months within the time framework required."

"Ispirer team worked closely with us, quickly handled the requests and customized the toolkit specifically for our needs. Thanks to the possibility to turn to Ispirer team for the toolkit extension we received high level of automation during the conversion."

"Ispirer’s tool worked flawlessly and when we had an issue with the SQL database version at one site their technical support was fast and competent. We have no hesitation in recommending the product and this team."

"The expert support of the Ispirer team enabled us to successfully convert our client’s data into the new system, allowing the required data retention and eliminating the need to keep an old copy running in perpetuity."

"We are happy with Ispirer and have never regretted our decision. The tool is very flexible, well-structured and easy to use. I was surprised about the whole spectrum, functionality (especially code conversion) and quality."

"We found the Ispirer team, business manager and technical team, to be professional and competent and very responsive in addressing the issues that we raised. The project completed successfully within agreed timelines."