"SQLWays was found to be an excellent migration tool based on the time saving it provided the Company in rewriting numerous lines of complex codes, as well as its ability to seamlessly migrate all other database objects."

"We have found the tool to be powerful, and robust, which has facilitated the smooth conversion of one of our core systems from Informix 7.3.1 running on a Sun Unix enviroment to an enviroment running Windows Server 2008 SQL Server 2008."

"Ispirer team had been selected as a reliable partner for a rather challenging task which was migrating from Sybase ASA to SQL Server with a significant amount of business logic elements. Ispirer team proved itself to be a credible and professional vendor."

"Other commercial migration tools and the free MySQL migration tool were simply not up to the task of migrating components of our database such as triggers and stored procedures."

"I used SQLWays to convert Sybase tables, views and especially 4000+ stored procedures to MySQL successfully. The tool is very flexible to automatically implement workarounds to cover some MySQL limitations."

"The SQLWays programmers have anticipated and solved problems that I hadn't even encountered yet. You can use a wizard, or use it with batch processing or on a schedule. It's a great program and a great value."

"SQLWays provides a suite of fast, reliable, and high quality conversion tools. Their product can connect to the source database directly and generate not just DDL, but the scripts to execute everything in the correct order."