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SQLWays Wizard is a part of the Ispirer Toolkit that handles heterogeneous database conversion. The tool automatically migrates the entire database schema, including data, tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, etc.

SQLWays Wizard streamlines the SQL migration process to reduce timeline and improve migration quality.

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How It Works


1. Download and install the tool

For a database conversion you need to install SQLWays Wizard which is a part of Ispirer Toolkit. Register the tool with a license key that specifies the period of use, source database, target database, data volume, and SQL code. SQLWays Wizard works on Windows, but source and target databases can be anywhere. The key and links to install the toolkit are automatically sent to your mailbox once you submit a request for a free demo license on our website.


2. Connect to a source database

The tool interacts with a source database using the ODBC connection. It gives an advantage over converting files with SQL scripts. The tool receives the important information from the source database and takes into account data types and relationships between objects, which increases the conversion quality.


3. Migrate your database

Database migration can be divided into data migration and SQL migration. Using SQLWays Wizard, you can transfer not only tables and data, but also stored procedures, functions, packages, views, and triggers.
SQLWays Wizard supports both legacy and the most popular RDBMS. Among them are Informix, Sybase, DB2, Teradata, Firebird, Progress, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Results analysis

4. Optimize migration results

Several factors determine the migration outcome including code features, source and target technologies. For a seamless migration of specific code, we recommend using Ispirer Toolkit customization, which significantly reduces the number of errors and increases the automation level. After the migration, the tool generates a final report that helps to check out and correct errors if any. Unique features of source code sometimes require manual correction performed by experts. The reports help determine the amount of manual adjustments to be made and allow to achieve optimal migration results.

Check out the step-by-step video tutorial on how to migrate a database using SQLWays Wizard

Drop us a line, if you have any business inquiries or questions regarding your conversion project. Ispirer experts will demonstrate our solutions and answer any questions you may have!

Migrate without constraints

With SQLWays Wizard, you can easily migrate your database without any restrictions. SQLWays Wizard supports database conversion from any operating system, including Windows, Linux, or Unix, regardless of the source and target database OS.

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Save hundreds of hours with automated migration

Modernize your database faster with SQLWays Wizard - a smart and agile tool with plenty of settings and opportunities to get the most out of your project.

  • Resolving conflicts of reserved words and identifiers
  • Global data type mapping
  • Local data type mapping
  • Object name mapping
  • Conversion of global variables
  • Support of user-defined data type
  • Support of LOB data type
  • Detailed insightful reports
  • Possibility to test query in the tool
  • Objects body preview
  • Flexible work with delimiters
  • Ability to specify CHARACTER SET to load data
  • Use queries to migrate data
  • Saving conversion results to files
  • Automated considering of object dependencies for correct import
  • Flexible migration process

Smart analysis of conversion result

Our sql migration tool generates a detailed report on the results of database conversion and import to the target database. Migration results can be revised significantly faster with the help of the tool.

SQLWays Report

Why SQLWays Wizard?

Smart migration core

SQLWays migration tool is based on an intelligent proprietary system that analyzes data types, relationships between objects, and reserved words and even code structures that do not have any equivalents in a target technology. This ensures high quality of database conversion and reduces the amount of manual code adjustments.

Smart Core

Cost effective solution

Cost effective

SQLWays Wizard automates the process of migration that significantly reduces migration time and associated costs. It keeps a client’s involvement in the project to a minimum, thus cutting down expenses even further.

Customize all features of migration

In order to meet the requirements of each specific project, we provide tool customization options. By adjusting our migration tool to the source system specifics, we can maximize the level of automation. Essentially, it speeds up database conversion considerably.


Expert support


Often, migrations are complicated and cause a number of issues. For this reason, our sql migration tool always comes in a package with expert support. Ispirer support agents are always available for helping you with the tool configuration or handling any issues in a timely manner.

Data protection

No Internet connection is required for database migration with SQLWays Wizard. The software does not transfer data to third parties, does not modify the original system and works with read-only privileges. Data safety is guaranteed.

Data protection

Free assessment


An assessment of the migration project determines its complexity and provides a client with an implementation timeline and cost estimation. You can assess your database yourself - the tool is free and available for download.

Come Join the Success

Our clients generally find Ispirer Toolkit easy to use, appreciate the excellent conversion quality and friendly support we provide.

Most importantly, they managed to solve their migration tasks quickly and efficiently.

See How We Help Our Customers

Discover how we managed to combine ongoing devlopment with the database migration.

Team augmentation of Ispirer experts helped to streamline project workflows and accelerate the achievement of key milestones

The migration project has been finished in just 2 years instead of the estimated 20 years for manual database migration

The customer received a converted application in just 4,5 months

A customized Ispirer Toolkit enabled the seamless and accelerated migration process from DB2 to PostgreSQL.

A leading IT service provider approached us to customize Ispirer Toolkit and facilitate Oracle PL/SQL to Java migration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SQLWays Wizard cost?

The license cost depends on the size of the source database and the duration of the migration project. This ensures a favorable price-benefit ratio of the tool for every customer. For this purpose, we have free Assessment Wizard that will automatically collect all the necessary information.

What migration directions does the tool support?

SQLWays Wizard supports a majority of legacy and modern databases. You can see the full list of supported databases on supported source databases page and target databases page.

Can I try SQLWays Wizard for free?

Yes, you can try our sql migration tool with a demo license of Ispirer Toolkit that allows you to test automated database migration using SQLWays Wizard for free.

What is the data migration speed achieved when using your tool?

The speed of data migration depends on a number of aspects: the hardware, network, the settings of a source and target database, configuration of ODBC driver and SQLWays Wizard. It is usually close to 100 GB/h.

How does SQLWays Wizard connect to a source database?

SQLWays Wizard connects to your source database by means of ODBC driver.

How does SQLWays Wizard connect to a target database?

SQLWays Wizard uses native utilities for connection to target databases.

Can SQLWays Wizard migrate a database to a cloud? Can it migrate my database from the cloud?

Yes. SQLWays Toolkit can migrate a database to the most popular cloud environments such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL DB as well as in the opposite direction.

Can SQLWays Wizard migrate a database in Command Line Mode?

Yes, migration can be started from the Command Line.

Can Ispirer help me change my application so that it works with a new database?

Sure. Ispirer team provides various services for applications including Embedded SQL and Database API services. You can learn more on the Services page.

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