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When companies consider database migration or legacy application modernization, they should realize that the migration itself is just the tip of the iceberg. Database or application modernization includes a lot of pre-migration and post-migration activities, such as planning, testing, deployment, validation, and maintenance of the new system. However, each of these stages may pose a challenge of its own.

Preparation and migration are defining steps. The expertise the team gains while developing and maintaining the legacy system does not necessarily mean they are qualified to prepare it for migration and perform the migration to the target technology on their own. Yet all the while, those are the steps that determine the success of the entire modernization journey. Whereas, maintenance, support and further development of the new system after migration require a different set of skills and expertise in the new technology that your current staff may lack. As for the extension of functionality, even a small update can lead to numerous conflicts in the system. Thus, any change or update of a system requires time and effort, neither of which is cheap.

Related Services

At Ispirer, we provide a full spectrum of migration services being a one-stop solution provider for customers willing to run their legacy application modernization at minimum risk. Our service offering spans all the activities associated with cross-platform database migration and application modernization ranging from initial consultation through deployment of a new system and its further enhancement.

Ispirer Pre-Migration Services

Consulting on target technology

We will advise you on a target technology that will eliminate the shortcomings of your current one and will be easier to migrate to. Moreover, we can conduct a test migration to several target platforms. Based on the results, you will be able to make the right choice.

Database audit

We will monitor the database to evaluate its performance, as well as identify performance and security issues. As a result, you will receive a report with the analysis of the current database configuration, as well as a list of identified issues along with the recommendations on how to fix them.

Application audit

We will examine your application to evaluate its performance, identify bottleneck features, potential security vulnerabilities and any significant errors. As a result, you will receive a list of vulnerabilities and a plan for their elimination.


We will clean up the code and eliminate unnecessary elements. This service will greatly simplify the source code which in turn will make migration significantly easier.

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Ispirer Additional Migration Services

If you need to make changes to the integration between your applications and databases, you may require the following additional migration services.

Embedded SQL migration

We will perform an end-to-end migration of SQL statements in various applications, written in Delphi, PowerBuilder, COBOL, C/C++, Java, C#, VB.NET, VB and other languages. Thus, it will allow your application to seamlessly interact with the target database.

Database API migration

We will perform a comprehensive migration of database APIs in C/C++ (ODBC, ECPG, ESQL/C, Sybase CTLib/DBLibrary, Oracle OCI/Pro*C), Java (JDBC, Hibernate), C#/VB.NET/ASP.NET (ADO.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ) and other languages, allowing your application to properly work alongside the target database.

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Ispirer Post-Migration Services

Migrating to a new environment is a major step towards modernization, but not the only thing that could be done. Once the migration is successfully completed, it is time for further updates. Your modern RDBMS or application creates opportunities to modernize your systems in numerous ways. Actually, some companies may lack experts on the new technology once the transition is completed. We offer assistance and consulting on the technical stages of the launching process and optimal implementation of the new system.


At Ispirer, quality comes first and foremost. We will quickly identify problems with functionality, compatibility, environment, security, performance, etc. We implement advanced quality assurance and testing to help our customers provide better solutions, reduce development costs and improve operational performance.

Deployment and integration

To optimize the use of the entire system, we help to establish an intelligent correlation between data and business logic, monitoring and management tools, multiple databases, applications and utilities. We will install, configure, and enable an application or system function in your environment. Furthermore, we will reliably integrate applications or databases with cloud or on-premises systems, and other infrastructure elements.


We will change the internal structure of the program code, without affecting its external behavior, in order to optimize performance. Through refactoring, we will make your code clean and concise.

Performance optimization

The carefully optimized code of the source application after migration may show insufficient performance. Different technologies have their own characteristics that affect the performance of the application. Using various methods, we identify bottlenecks and improve the result. Performance optimization of the results after conversion is performed by experts in order to increase speed and maximize resources efficiency.

Support and maintenance

It is critical to ensure that you have the technology, team and processes needed to operate and get the real value out of the new system. A broad range of maintenance activities ensuring data integrity, optimal use of database space and performance tuning, can be carried out by Ispirer experts.

New features delivery

The real benefit of a legacy application modernization is that you can enhance the new system and make it more functional. During the migration, Ispirer experts gain deep understanding of the system architecture and code structures and are capable of adding new functionality faster and cheaper.

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Benefits You Get



We provide the exact database and application modernization services your organization needs. No additional costs for pre-packaged bundles.



We believe in full transparency. You do not just get the deliverables, but you can monitor the service delivery progress and make adjustments on the go.

Effortless maintenance

Effortless maintenance

With our expertise in supporting your particular technology, you can markedly reduce your application and database maintenance costs, time, and effort.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Reduced costs

With the right migration approach, you will be able to allocate the funds released from reducing infrastructure costs to other business needs.



With the right target technology chosen and a comprehensive migration process efficiently implemented, you will make sure your business keeps up with the cutting edge technology trends.

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