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Ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the business-critical IT infrastructure is of paramount importance for any business. Modern organizations rely on complex and specialized database systems, which may be vulnerable to security threats. Moreover, there may be failures, accidents, bottlenecks and other issues that impede business development and day-to-day operations.

These issues put enormous pressure on organizations that need to respond to market challenges and at the same time ensure security of their data while keeping up with constantly changing compliance requirements. In order to help our clients meet these requirements, we offer a comprehensive database audit service to identify and eliminate the obstacles they need to overcome.

In database consulting, our main value comes from the extensive experience in database optimization across various DBMSs, such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM Db2, Informix, Netezza.

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Why Database Audit is Important

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Here are some of the reasons why you should make database auditing a priority:

  • Poor database performance.
  • Frequent breakdowns and locks of database objects.
  • Increasing database maintenance costs.
  • Optimization of business processes.
  • A long gap since the previous database audit.

Database Audit Process

Database audit stages

The audit is carried out by Ispirer experts with deep expertise in the relevant database management system. During the process, our experts use scripts, tools and database optimization best practices that have been developed based on the previous audits.

The client needs to provide system administrator access to the database, as well as access to the database server.

Audit duration depends on the size of the database, the number of objects and their complexity.

1. Project plan development

  • Gathering customer requirements and expectations.
  • Communicating with users and database administrators.
  • Obtaining and configuring access to all the necessary system components.

2. Server and infrastructure performance audit

  • Server configuration check-up.
  • Operating systems configuration check-up.
  • Infrastructure configuration analysis.
  • Resource (CP, RAM, etc.) load check-up.
  • Server configuration compliance with database vendor recommendations.

3. Security audit

  • Permissions and access rights check-up.
  • Collection of information about user accounts, roles and their database permissions.
  • Analysis of the system configuration and its implications for data security.

4. Performance audit

  • Database traffic and operations analysis, system bottlenecks detection.
  • Database objects analysis.
  • System response time check-up; locks and deadlocks analysis.
  • Resource load check-up in operation.
  • Review of queries and procedures history.
  • Review of indexes.
  • Code review of problem areas.

5. Final report

Generation of a report containing a list of identified issues along with the recommendations on how to fix them.

Main report items:

  • List of the checks performed at each stage of the audit.
  • List of issues identified at each stage of the audit.
  • Recommendations and best practices to resolve the major issues.
  • Indication of the most critical issues.

Database Audit Outcomes

As a result of the database audit, you will receive a comprehensive report containing the following information:

  • General evaluation of the database configuration.
  • General assessment of the database security state and key vulnerabilities.
  • Database bottlenecks.
  • DB server performance assessment.
  • Recommendations on how to resolve the identified issues.

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