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Ispirer respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and encourages you to do the same. Ispirer, the Ispirer logo, and are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ispirer Systems in the United States, other countries, or both. Please note that laws concerning use and marking of trademarks or product names vary by country. Always consult a local attorney for additional guidance.

Trademarks owned by Ispirer

Those trademarks followed by ® are registered trademarks of Ispire in the United States; those followed by ™ are trademarks or common law marks of Ispirer in the United States.

This is a current listing of United States trademarks and logos owned by Ispirer and might also be trademarks or registered trademarks in other countries:

Ispirer™computer software, software development
SQLWays™computer software

Last Updated: June, 2019

This list is updated from time to time. Failure by Ispirer to list a particular trademark (registered or unregistered) is not a waiver of any Ispirer rights.

Fair use and reference of Ispirer trademarks and logos

Ispirer carefully limits the use of its trademarks and logos. No other company may use Ispirer trademarks and logos unless it has the express written permission of Ispirer to do so.

To obtain permission to use any Ispirer trademark or logo please contact Ispirer Systems.

Fair use of Ispirer trademarks, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is limited to text-only references to Ispirer trademarks such as product and service names, and excludes Ispirer logos.

In such references, you must be truthful, must not disparage Ispirer, and must not mislead the public. You must be clear and accurate as to the nature of the relationship between Ispirer and your company, its products, and its services.