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In time, any software becomes obsolete and needs to be replaced with a newer version. An outdated database may become a burden due to expensive maintenance. An inconvenient application written in an outdated programming language may slow down business operations.

Ispirer Toolkit helps to breathe a new life into legacy software. By means of automated migration, businesses can avoid disruptions and make the transition to a new technology as smooth as possible. Whether your modernization challenge is small, complex, or mission critical, the Ispirer migration tool can help you overcome it at a reduced cost, risk, and effort.

Applications or Databases?

Regardless of whether you need to modernize an application or a database, Ispirer Toolkit is able to do both.
The toolkit includes SQLWays Wizard to migrate databases and nGLFly Wizard for application migration.


With its intelligent core, SQLWays Wizard can migrate databases with up to 100% of automation.


NGLFly Wizard speeds up application migration twice and ensures its high quality.

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Why Ispirer Toolkit?

Focusing on a business goal, mindful of the end-user, we developed Ispirer Toolkit that modernizes apps and databases, making them agile and cutting-edge.

Smart migration core

Ispirer migration tool is based on an intelligent proprietary system that analyzes data types, relationships between objects, and reserved words and even code structures that do not have any equivalents in a target technology. This ensures high quality conversion and reduces manual code adjustments.

Smart Core

Cost effective solution

Cost effective

Ispirer Toolkit automates the process of migration that significantly reduces migration time and associated costs. It also eliminates the need for a client’s migration team, thus cutting down expenses even further.

Customize all features of migration

In order to meet the requirements of each specific project, we provide the option of customizing our tool. By adjusting our migration tool to the source system specifics, we can maximize the level of automation. Essentially, it speeds up application migration and database modernization to a new system considerably.


Migration knows no bounds

No bound migration

Ispirer Toolkit can be used with any operating system, as well as with on-premise or cloud-based databases. Apart from changing an application language, it is also possible to change architecture, for example, migrate from desktop to web.

Keep the process in check

An intuitive user interface enables easy database modernization and application migration. A large number of settings allows adjusting Ispirer Toolkit to a project of any complexity. At the end a detailed report on the migration process is generated to highlight all the inaccuracies that need to be corrected manually.

Check process

Risk-free modernization


When a client decides to migrate a database or modernize an application, many risks are involved. Automation makes it possible to eradicate the risks of the human factor and ensure an error-free process of modernization of the original system.

Expert support

Often, migrations are complicated and cause a number of issues. For this reason, our sql migration tool always comes in a package with expert support. Ispirer support agents are always available for helping you with the tool configuration or handling any issues in a timely manner.


Data protection

Data protection

No Internet connection is required for database migration with SQLWays Wizard. The software does not transfer data to third parties, does not modify the original system and works with read-only privileges. Data safety is guaranteed.

Free assessment

An assessment of the migration project determines its complexity and provides a client with an implementation timeline and cost estimation. You can assess your database yourself - the tool is free and available for download.


Come Join the Success

Our clients generally find Ispirer Toolkit easy to use, appreciate the excellent conversion quality and friendly support we provide.

Most importantly, they managed to solve their migration tasks quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ispirer Toolkit cost?

Our pricing is license-based, license prices depend on the project size and its duration. Thus, the project price is determined only after a thorough analysis of the source database or application. For this purpose, we have free Assessment Tools that will automatically generate all the necessary information.

What migration directions does the tool support?

Ispirer Toolkit supports a majority of legacy and modern applications and databases. You can choose the required migration direction on the Application Conversion and Database Migration pages.

Can I try Ispirer Toolkit for free?

Yes, you can try our tools with a demo license that allows you to test automated migration using Ispirer Toolkit for free.

What is the data migration speed achieved when using your tool?

The speed of data migration depends on a number of aspects: the hardware, network, the settings of a source and target database, configuration of ODBC driver and Ispirer Toolkit. It is usually 5-20 GB/h.

Can Ispirer Toolkit migrate a database to a cloud?

Yes. Ispirer Toolkit can migrate a database to the most popular cloud environments such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL DB.

Can Ispirer Toolkit migrate desktop applications to the web?

Sure. Ispirer Toolkit supports migration to Web Architecture using most popular frameworks (e.g. React.js or Angular.js).

Can I use Ispirer Toolkit in Command Line Mode?

Yes, migration can be started manually from the command line.

Migrating on my own is not an option for me. Do you offer migration services?

Yes, you can order a migration service and we will modernize your DB or app for you.

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