Indra Transportation, Spain

Oracle to PostgreSQL

Indra Transportation, Spain

Tomás Benito

Technical Manager

December 1, 2020

Indra Transportation is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies that provides proprietary solutions in Traffic and Transport segment.

Thanks to the Ispirer tool we have reduced the cost and effort in certain database migration projects. In 2019 we were searching for a tool that could help us in Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL database migration. We selected Ispirer MnMTK that turned out to be easy to use and efficient. During 2 months of Ispirer MnMTK usage our team successfully migrated 2 databases containing 600 tables, 20 GB of data, around 20.000 lines of code in SQL objects. We were amazed not only by outstanding performance of the Software but by responsiveness of Ispirer team as well. Ispirer experts answered promptly to our requests and tuned the tool to increase the automation rate even higher. The desired results were achieved on time.

When we had another database migration project, we did not hesitate what tool to choose. So in 2020 we used Ispirer MnMTK for Oracle to PostgreSQL migration. Within the period of 3 months 200 tables and about 50.000 lines of SQL code were migrated.

Our overall experience with Ispirer tool is positive and we had a great success in everything during the migration process. I would like to recommend Ispirer MnMTK to everyone as this software provides fast and efficient migration results.

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