Ispirer Migration and Modernization Services

If you do not have a technical team or it is not large enough, or you just cannot find time to migrate your technology, you can use Ispirer Migration and Modernization Services, thereby you will save your time, lower costs and get ready-to-use results on time.

Ispirer Services

Database Migration Service

Database Migration

We migrate SQL objects between all the most popular databases. As a result, you get a fully functioning database system.

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Application Migration Service

Application Conversion

We convert programming code between various technologies. Finally, you get an intelligent and high-quality code.

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Embedded SQL and Database API Conversion

During the modernization of the system, you may need to make changes to the integration between applications and databases, thus we offer a comprehensive conversion of the Embedded SQL statements and Database APIs.

Service Option

Compare Ispirer Services to choose the best option for you:

Economy ServiceAdvanced ServiceExtended Service
Syntax Correspondence Yes Yes Yes
Functionality Correspondence Yes Yes
Adding New Functionality Yes

Economy Service
The option is suitable for a customer who wants to get an intermediate result of the converted code in the target language. Further, the customer independently brings the application to a fully functional state in accordance with his requirements.

Advanced Service
The option is suitable for a customer who plans to perform a migration, but the application functionality fully satisfies him. That means the application retains the entire old functionality, but is moved to a new technology.

Extended Service
The option is suitable for a customer who plans to perform a migration with adding new or changing existing functionality of the application.

Additional Services
With the help of our additional services, such as Optimization and Refactoring, we can significantly improve the quality of your conversion result.

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Besides the services, we offer Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit, with the help of which you can quickly and with confidence move to any other programming language or database.

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