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Intelligent, Custom and Highly Automated Cross Platform Database and Application Migration

Tectra AS, Norway

Progress to MS SQL Server, Progress 4GL to ASP.NET
Tectra AS, Norway. Progress to MS SQL Server, Progress 4GL to ASP.NET Migration.

To whom it might concern.

"After over 20 years in use our Patient Journal System really needed an upgrade. The application is based on the Progress 8.3A database with over 90 tables and is written in Progress 4GL with over 275.000 lines of code.

We had decided to convert the database into MS SOL-server and the application to ASP.NET as a web-based application.

After doing several searches for expertise and services to do the migration, our choice fell on lspirer.

The first steps was to convert the database followed by a direct conversion of a limited part of the application. This was done to test the results and verify that lspirer could do the job.

The results were good and lspirer delivered excellent quality at agreed times and cost. The database migration was done with steady hand in about a month delivering 100% result and the code conversion part was done equally steady and delivered as expected 90-95% working code.

The results from the first conversion inspired us to exploit the possibilities given by ASP.NET and C#. lspirer was given the task to rewrite all major parts of the application exploiting the new widescreen workspace rather than the old 800x600 screens and to bring a modern way of look and feel into the application.

The lspirer team delivered excellent quality code and implementation throughout the project at every milestone. When we somewhere middle in the project decided to give even more functionality and extended look and feel through new advanced components, lspirer also managed to set up the team with expertise and experience to handle it in record time.

We are very impressed that the team managed to utilise the advanced components to the fullest in such a short time.

Even if we at the start expected some challenges related to cultural differences, we discovered none. The services delivered from lspirer has been excellent at all levels from customer relations contact to project management to each and every team member.

It has been a great pleasure to enjoy the excellent services of lspirer and the cooperation with everyone in the team."

Trondheim, 24.05.2017 Gunnar Woldmo, General Manager,
Tectra AS, Norway

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I’ve just tested your tool and I’ve really appreciated the high quality of the conversion, the tool is easy and pleasant to use.

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