Informix 4GL Conversion

Ispirer provides powerful automated software migration technology and services to modernize your Informix 4GL applications while reducing risk and cost. Proven methodology and unique solutions allow us to make the process of conversion your Informix 4GL application easier. Today many companies face a challenge to convert Informix 4GL to new technologies, and our team with longstanding experience is ready to help you. At the end of conversion of Informix 4GL with the help of Ispirer MnMTK we guarantee you easily pure code, for which maintenance you will need no middleware.

Conversion of Informix 4GL application often goes along with Informix database migration. Ispirer MnMTK converts stored procedures, functions, triggers, database schema (DDL), data, embedded SQL statements and database API in front-end applications and scripts from Informix to major databases.

Why convert Informix 4GL with Ispirer

Ispirer Systems provides a comprehensive support for modernizing a variety of legacy applications to new technologies. Taking into account you specific coding, architecture and framework requirements we extend our tool to meet your unique project needs. Ispirer MnMTK offers highly automated, consistent and integrated conversion of the entire Informix 4GL application. It also eliminates most of risks and reduce total amount of required efforts significantly. All these benefits are available at very reasonable and competitive costs, which makes database and application migration tool Ispirer MnMTK even a more attractive instrument for this project type. You can try our demo version of Ispirer MnMTK and then choose the way of cooperation, which suits you best:
  • Purchase a toolkit-license to get the migration project done on your own. You execute the migration with the provided license. When facing any problems, we are ready to give guidance.
  • Purchase our service to get the migration project done by technical specialists on our side. Rely on our experienced technical team and get excellent results on time.