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Migration Starts with Assessment

Performing a pre-migration assessment is a crucial step for a successful migration project. The first stage involves analyzing a source system carefully to determine the amount of code in a database or application and addressing any potential issues. In order to optimize the assessment process we developed a free Assessment Wizard for databases and Metrics for applications. The tools perform an in-depth analysis of any source system in order to assess key parameters and estimate duration and cost of a migration project.

Migration Assessment

Database Assessment

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Assessment Wizard is designed for analyzing a source database before migration. It connects to a source database and collects information about objects, structures inside objects, and statements. Reports generated by the tool make it possible to estimate migration costs and duration of a migration project with reasonable accuracy.

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Application Assessment

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Each programming language has its own syntax and unique features. It is essential to conduct a thorough application assessment in order to estimate the period and cost of a migration project, as well as to avoid potential pitfalls. As a first step in facilitating the customer's cooperation with Ispirer, we have created several metrics for applications written in COBOL, PowerBuilder, Informix 4GL, Delphi, Visual Basic, Progress 4GL, C/C++ and VisualFoxPro. In the case of applications written in other languages, our experts can perform application assessment manually.

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Data Protection

Data protection

No Internet connection is required for application or database assessment with our tools. The software does not transfer data to third parties, does not modify the original system and works with read-only privileges. Data safety is guaranteed.

Full Transparency

No manual analysis of the source system is required during the assessment. The tools not only analyze the key parameters of a source database or application, but can also highlight any missing or broken elements. A clear and comprehensive picture of the project scope is generated automatically.

Full Transparency

Expert Support


In order to streamline the assessment process, we have developed detailed user guides for Assessment Wizard and all the Metrics. In case you have difficulties with application or database assessment, our support team is always available to take care of any issues within your migration project.

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