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Ispirer is an international software company that provides innovative solutions for highly automated cross-database conversion and human-written program code modernization.

Our company is filled with smart and passionate people who want to bring innovation and cutting-edge technologies to every business worldwide.

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Facts and Figures

  • 20+ years in the IT market20+ years in the IT market
  • 1500+ completed projects1500+ completed projects
  • 8+ years of work experience8+ years of work experience
  • 100 million converted lines of code120+ million converted LoC
  • 1000+ customers worldwide1000+ customers worldwide
  • 60+ full-time employees70+ full-time employees
  • 95% of employees have BSc and MSc95% of staff have BSc and MSc
  • 5000+ hours/month automation saves5,000+ hrs saved per month due to automation

Our Focus

For more than 20 years we have been developing our own product Ispirer Toolkit, which helps companies to migrate databases from outdated to the latest technologies developed by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, HPE, Teradata, Amazon, etc. Moreover, Ispirer Toolkit is capable of converting applications from PowerBuilder, COBOL, Delphi, Informix 4GL, Progress 4GL to new technologies such as JavaScript, .NET and Java.

We have contributed to over 1500 migration projects with more than 1,000 clients, including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies such as Barclays Capital, Barclays Wealth, Citigroup, Chevron Texaco, J.P. Morgan, EDS, Shell, Fujitsu, Thomson and others.

"Thanks to Ispirer for providing such a useful tool for database migration projects and I would recommend to anyone who has the same kind of project to use the tool to save effort/cost and reduce risks/challenges."

"Because we have hundreds of databases that need to be migrated, automating the whole process was key for us. Ispirer helped us achieve just that, through their excellent tooling, customizations, and support."

"Ispirer Toolkit is well worth the investment and I would use it again in a similar case. I must commend the Ispirer team for their responsiveness, professionalism and willingness to help."

"Ispirer allowed us to perform this conversion automatically, without manual revision, with a success rate of 95%. This saved us a lot of time. The other great advantage of Ispirer is that they can customize the tool to meet your specific requirements."

"Their service was very professional and they worked with us to come up with the best possible solution for the entire migration as well as for individual technical problems we faced during the migration. It was a successful collaboration between our internal team and theirs."

"The team has now used Ispirer for multiple use cases and has saved significant time and effort. The experience with Ispirer has been great, from the software, support, and communication."

"Ispirer has an every aspect of our collaboration been outstanding. The team is highly skilled, the deliverables have been of high quality and the response time regardless of time of day has been fast and competent."

"SCC Soft Computer was extremely happy with the professionalism, timeframes, milestones and output from the engagement. SCC Soft Computer would not hesitate to re-engage Ispirer Systems for future engagements."

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Our History

A 30 KB tool named CHYFO 1.7.3 is available for free download on the Internet.
Ispirer Systems releases a database migration software named SQLWays.
Ispirer launches a free Online Database Converter capable of transferring SQL code.
Ispirer rebrands its software suite. SQLWays Wizard operates on a new technology.
Ispirer Systems is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.
A code prototype is created that converts one programming language to another.
Ispirer Systems sells the first database migration license.
The SQLWays software is extended to enable application conversion.
Ispirer Systems opens a new office in Bothell, Washington, USA.
Ispirer Systems creates a standalone product named nGLFly Wizard for application conversion.

Our Mission

Natallia Bespalova, CEO, Ispirer Systems“We help businesses to break free from the limitations of their legacy software infrastructure by providing expert migration services and automation tools which significantly accelerate the transition process and thus make it much more affordable.”

Natallia Bespalova
CEO, Ispirer Systems

Our values

Technology changes fast, but our focus stays solidly on delivering first-class solutions and providing exceptional support. Our core values help keep us focused on doing things right.



Our laser focus on software modernization automation that we have been keeping for 20+ years gave us an unparalleled insight into the nature of the process, its pitfalls and shortcuts. Our expertise manifests itself in our automated conversion toolkit and in the end-to-end migration services we deliver.

Customer success

Customer success

We cherish our customers. We are always there for them, working hard until the very last issue is resolved. We share our expertise and help customers gain maximum value from using our tools. We make their transition to the best in class IT infrastructure a smooth journey.



We support our clients in their pursuit of technological progress. We make the transition to modern technologies as seamless and cost-effective as possible through constant improvement of our tools and approaches.



We earn the trust of our customers, employees, and partners through unfaltering compliance with the highest quality standards. We are honest and straightforward internally, and transparent and reliable as a team. We believe in open communication and strive to meet every single commitment we make.



We keep our minds open and learn from each new customer, each new project and challenge. We are always willing to reconsider our approaches, adjust our tools and techniques, try out and incorporate new ideas in order to deliver the best possible outcome.

Strategic Partnerships

Ispirer Partners ImageThrough a trusted network of partners we are constantly generating ideas, innovating and co-creating customized propositions so that our customers get the best database and application migration solutions.

Quality Management

Ispirer is ISO CertifiedIspirer is committed to protecting the information of our customers. Any project discussions are preceded by signing of a non-disclosure agreement with a customer. We have implemented and continuously maintain an information security management system in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

The use of our products is totally safe as it does not require an Internet connection. Source code and result remain under the control of a client.

Our Offices

USA Flag

United States

Ispirer Systems, LLC
19125 North Creek PKW, STE 120, Bothell,
WA 98011, USA
+1 206 886 0525

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Ispirer Systems OÜ
Estonia/Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa,
Narva mnt 7-634, 10117
+372 610 4210

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