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What We Do

For over 20 years we have been developing our own software product Ispirer Toolkit, that helps companies migrate databases from legacy to the latest technologies developed by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, HPE, Teradata, Amazon, etc. Ispirer Toolkit also is capable of converting applications from PowerBuilder, COBOL, Delphi, Informix 4GL, Progress 4GL to new technologies such as .NET and Java.

We have worked on migration projects with over 1,000 customers, including companies from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 such as Barclays Capital, Barclays Wealth, Citigroup, Chevron Texaco, J.P. Morgan, EDS, Shell, Fujitsu, Thomson and others.

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Facts & Figures

  • 1500 projects successfully delivered1500 projects
    successfully delivered
  • 22 years on IT market22 years
    on IT market
  • 50 countries. Clients across from50 countries
    clients across from
  • 55+ In-House employees55+ in-house

  • 5000+ hours/month automation saves5000+ hours/month
    automation saves
  • 8 years. Average employees work experience8 years
    employees work experience
  • 95% of employees hold BS and MSc degrees95% of employees
    hold BS and MSc degrees
  • 100 million LoC converted100 million LoC

Our Mission

Delivering value of the latest solutions as a replacement for outdated technologies

Outdated systems run slower, take longer to execute tasks and ultimately hold them back. We believe that without embracing new technologies, business hinders its own success. For this reason Ispirer Systems considers its main mission to help customers get rid of outdated technologies and switch to modern and convenient solutions.

Our Philosophy

Automation is №1 priority

Automatic solutions can help businesses to scale, provide significant cost and time savings, and allow IT staff to focus on strategic rather than administrative work. Considering all the benefits of automatic solutions, we believe that such time-consuming tasks as database migration and application conversion should also be automated.

Solving 100% of difficulties

Our main feature is flexibility. We do our best to meet the requirements of the client and ensure the high quality of the services provided. To this end, we have created an automated solution based on the principle of customization, which means that all the customers wishes can be implemented in reality.

360° customer satisfaction

As a company, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to our clients through flexible scheduling, top quality products, efficient services, and innovative solutions that add value to the customer and to the company. We believe in clear client communication, value customers’ rights and interests.

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