Cardinal Health, United States

Cardinal Health, United States

Dan Johnson MHI

Delivery Manager

March 2, 2023

The Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions team had a large project to update databases and convert stored procedures for our GPO Solutions software. After researching some tools that could help with this initiative, the team found that Ispirer could be beneficial. The team has now used Ispirer for multiple use cases and has saved significant time and effort. The experience with Ispirer has been great, from the software, support, and communication.

Feedback from the Team:

Ispirer was very helpful in converting complex stored procedures and functions in SQL Server to Postgres. For example, Ispirer auto corrects the case-sensitive scenarios like correcting column names and table names to lower case, which is a huge help as doing this manually will involve human errors. With the help of Ispirer you can just import the data, which is particularly helpful if the source data is changing frequently as latest data is required for UAT.

By using Ispirer, we were able to reduce the development time around 60%-70%, by converting about 700+ Tables and 650+ Store Procedures/Views. Ispirer support was up to mark and their team responsed quickly and effectively with any our questions/issues. Ispirer helps to move data from SQL to PostgreSQL in an easy, fast, and efficient way.

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