Case Studies

Discover how we managed to combine ongoing devlopment with the database migration.

Team augmentation of Ispirer experts helped to streamline project workflows and accelerate the achievement of key milestones

The migration project has been finished in just 2 years instead of the estimated 20 years for manual database migration

The customer received a converted application in just 4,5 months

A customized Ispirer Toolkit enabled the seamless and accelerated migration process from DB2 to PostgreSQL.

A leading IT service provider approached us to customize Ispirer Toolkit and facilitate Oracle PL/SQL to Java migration.

Ispirer Toolkit helped to swiftly migrate COBOL application to Java, resulting in a significant enhancement of application performance.

The customer received the upgraded PostgreSQL database and PostGIS in just 2,5 months.

Migrating business logic from SQL Server to Java using Ispirer toolkit turned out to be three times cheaper than manual migration.

Ispirer Toolkit made it possible to save up to 40% of Informix 4GL to Java migration expenditures.

The customer got high-quality, easy-to-maintain code, making it easier to support and reducing time to market without the need to rewrite or redesign their application.

The customer received a modernized application in C#, which is a feature-for-feature equivalent to the original Delphi application. Thus getting the ability to easily maintain and enhance the newly migrated code.