Case Studies

Replacing Db2 with a PostgreSQL database enabled the innovator in business payment automation technologies to save on licensing, support, and maintenance costs.

Using PostgreSQL, the global assurance and consulting leader has minimized system downtime, improved their infrastructure performance and reliability.

One of the biggest healthcare organisations approached Ispirer team for mirating legacy Sybase ASA database to modern and flexible Microsoft SQL Server.

A leading laboratory information systems provider approached to Ispirer willing to migrate Oracle database to PostgreSQL to have extended functionality

The Ispirer's customer is a major provider of innovative solutions for manufacturing and service sector. The company was looking for a solution to migrate Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL.

The company made a decision to supersede outdated relational database management system to a more cutting-edge one. The best alternative for the company appeared to be PostgreSQL due to the number of internal reasons.

The client turned to Ispirer with an inquiry involving application conversion to the Web and aimed at using Java for these ends. The technology choice was based on the project requirements and the expertise of the internal team.

Ispirer representatives had the honour to negotiate business opportunities with Amazon Web Services. Our team’s experience across database and cloud technologies was the point at issue along with the matter how Ispirer expertise could be used to power a wide variety of ASW projects.

The company develops state-of-the-art automation systems for operation, disposition, monitoring and control for all industries. The customer needed to reanimate their software by moving from Delphi to C#.

Company offerings include customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and human capital management (HCM) software. The customer needed to migrate their Progress 4GL business logic to C#.

Our customer is a trusted US corporation that provides human resources services and business solutions. The customer needed to perform the migration of its Informix 4GL code to Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures.

Our customer was the US public corporation and independent unit of state government. They approached Ispirer Systems with the challenge of implementation of PostgreSQL as the enterprise database platform.