Case Studies

A global data-warehousing public company contacted Ispirer Systems from their office located in Turkey. The customer had to stop using Microsoft SQL Server as their main RDBMS for some internal reasons.

Our client is a software development and information technology services provider based in Brazil. The company selected Ispirer, and our professionals were requested to automate the migration of the FireBird database to Oracle.

We performed the project for the local administration of a town in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. They needed to transfer their critical data from the IBM DB2 LUW environment to the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Our customer is a manufacturer of high-end components and utility systems for primary processing industries worldwide. The Ispirer experts were asked for a solution that would guarantee a smooth move from Progress to SQL Server.

The company is built of highly skilled and competent professionals that are dedicated to proving expert solutions. The environment change of their critical application to C# .NET was committed to enhance their own internal operation.

Our customer is a real estate financial and IT services provider. The customer wanted Ispirer Systems to migrate the IBM DB2 database to Oracle. The task also included the COBOL scripts conversion into PL/SQL.

Our customer is a company providing IT and communication services founded more than 20 years ago. The goal of our customer was to come up with a solution for automatic migration of a database from Sybase ASE to IBM DB2.

Ispirer's customer is a US provider of engineered systems and enterprise software, which is listed on the Fortune 500. The customer chose Oracle and SQL Server as the most suitable databases to their functionality and performance.

Ispirer's customer is a large enterprise based in Singapore that provides quasi-conductors and related services. The company needed the migration of their IT structure from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle database.

We had the honour to work with one of the largest clothing and footwear retail chains in Canada. The company was seeking to migrate their IT infrastructure on IBM DB2 databases to Oracle, as this would increase their efficiency.

Our Singapore customer specializes in development of financial IT systems. The company wanted us to provide the solution to migrate schema and more than 35,000 of Transact-SQL code to Oracle PL/SQL.

A US public organization that specializes in computer services. Ispirer took care of the migration of the client’s Progress database to SQL Server. The requirement was to migrate data automatically without any loss.