Case Studies

A well established manufacturer of high-end critical components and utility systems for primary processing industries over the globe. The company develops and manufactures equipment used for recycling, deinking, filtering, etc. Their technologies and solutions make a difference in enhancing indicated output, reduce energy usage, and maximizing productivity in high-runner industries.

The enterprise has a strong customer base in the majority of the states and around the world. They have also an established national training centre. The company’s team is built of highly skilled and competent engineering professionals that are dedicated to proving expert solutions.

It was real estate financial and IT services provider. The company specializes in introducing high technology solutions into their customers’ businesses in property sector. The firm renders a wide range of advisory and consulting, load and tax management services.

It was a company providing IT and communication services founded more than 20 years ago. Our client assists in database and mobile platform management, introducing technology innovations in its work products.

A US provider of engineered systems and enterprise software, which is listed on the Fortune 500. Our client is the world’s largest company specialized in automation and safety engineering.

A large enterprise based in Singapore that provides quasi-conductors and related services. The company offers full turnkey solutions that involve testing, designing and distribution. This member of the Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology family of companies has several production plants in the Four Asian Tigers

We had the honour to work with one of the largest clothing and footwear retail chains in Canada. The company was seeking to migrate their IT infrastructure on IBM DB2 databases to Oracle, as this would increase their efficiency.

Our Singapore customer specializes in development of financial IT systems. The company wanted us to provide the solution to migrate schema and more than 32 thousand lines of Transact-SQL code to Oracle PL/SQL.

A US public organization that specializes in computer services. It has been developing flexible software solutions since 1993. The company offers many types of mobile and web-based technologies. With small number of employees, the company manages to provide its clients with functional software and prompt support services.

Our client was one of the world’s leaders in financial and investment sphere. A well-known provider of asset management and corporate banking services. A team of experts ready to assist its clients in insurance and credit issues.

A worldwide provider of software for care of public health with annual income of 500 million Euro. The company’s IT solutions are aimed at introduction of technological progress in medical industry and help to ease connection between different medical settings and therefore ensure forehanded care for patients.

Our client was an individual from Costa Rica. He acquired a license for the use of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit in order to perform a database migration for business purposes.