Case Studies

Our client is a provider of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. They needed to implement a large migration project. The massive database which contained several TB of data had to be migrated from Teradata to Vertica.

Our client is a non-profit organization, which works within the educational field, striving to ensure equal rights of students in low-income groups. They needed to migrate their database system from PostgreSQL to Oracle.

Our client is one of the largest parcel tanker operators in the world. To complete customer's project, a solution to migrate business application from Visual Basic 3.0 to the VB.NET platform was needed.

Our client is a UK-based retail chain, trading apparel and accessories online as well as through stores. They considered moving to SQL Server, but the risk was quite high and it took around 3 years to imlement the plan.

Our client is one of the largest banks in South Africa. The customer, working with Ispirer’s partner EMC Greenplum, expressed a desire to use the Greenplum platform. A large number of SQL scripts were to be migrated within a short time.

Our client is Global Investment Bank, a provider of investment banking advisory services. GIB was looking to perform conversion of about 200 applications, schema, and data from Sybase to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

In cooperation with our solution partner in Japan, Ispirer executed a short-term migration project for a subsidiary of a grand, reputed telecommunications company. Our client wanted to migrate their Oracle database to PostgreSQL.