Our client was a provider of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. It is part of the Fortune Global 500 list and one of the world’s largest firms by revenues in its sector. The company offers its services in more than fifty countries. Ispirer’s involvement was with one of its biggest offices, which is located in the United States.


Teradata, Vertica


In late 2013, our client received an order to implement a large database migration project. The massive database which contained several TB of data had to be migrated from Teradata to Vertica. The project contained not only the migration of schema and data but also approximately 400 thousand lines of code of business logic. Besides the quite impressive scope of the project, the following peculiarities had to be considered:

  • Teradata is a special database in terms of scripts, the conversion of which to other databases (and Vertica is not an exception) is more difficult in comparison to SQL conversion in most other cases;
  • The peculiar properties of Vertica, wherein business logic is made on the level of Java programming (all procedures are external and in Java).

In order to actualize this project, the client decided to use our tool SQLWays for automated migration.


SQLWays is a powerful tool that ensures a high level of automated migration of a wide variety of directions by default, including Teradata to Vertica. Moreover, at the very beginning of our collaboration, the Ispirer team made all necessary customizations, and as a result, our client managed to use the tool independently to complete the project.

Results and Advantages

Ispirer provided its client with a three-month SQLWays Enterprise License with support requests included. To provide support and tool customization, several qualified SQLWays Tool specialists were assigned to the project. Thanks to our tool, the client managed to save on time and costs for the project as well as please the end-user with the result.