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Automated and Customizable
Database and Application
Migration and Modernization

Pascal Conversion

Today conversion of legacy applications to modern technologies is an urgent question in many companies of all sizes and industries around the world. Some systems aren't able to keep up with increasing demands, particularly when it comes to large amounts of data and transaction. New technologies such as .NET and Java deliver you a number of advantages:
  • higher scalability
  • extensibility
  • optimized resources
  • faster data speed

We offer you a wide range of architecture options for both target directions: Java and .NET. You are welcome to choose the most appropriate for your particular project client interface, database connection method, external DLL handling, report solutions, and many other options. Our technical team can realize the application architecture you require and adopt it to coding standards. Ispirer will convert your Pascal application and provide you with a new code structure in pure Java or .NET.

Pascal to .NET Conversion

Our tool is capable of converting Pascal applications to such programming languages as C# and VB.NET. Ispirer MnMTK supports the following UI technologies: WPF, Window Forms, WEB Pages. What concerns target database API technology, you can choose among ADO.NET, LINQ, iBatis, Petapoco, Seasar etc. If your project is specific, it is not a problem for us to extend the tool in a short time and meet your needs.
Pascal to Java Conversion

While converting Pascal applications to Java you have a wide choice of UI technologies: Swing, AWT, SWT, JavaFx, Spring, AngularJS, JSF etc . What concerns target database API technologies, you have a variety of them to choose from: API, JDBC, Hibernate, Torque etc. If your project is complex, we will be glad to analyze its structure and find innovative solutions in order to convert your Pascal application smoothly.
If you have not already decided to which modern technology to migrate: Java or .NET, we offer you to order a live-presentation, where you can discuss the peculiarities of your Pascal application, project requirements with our technical specialists and get free advice on possible ways of conversion.

Why convert Pascal with Ispirer

Ispirer Systems provides a comprehensive support for modernizing a variety of legacy applications to new technologies. Taking into account you specific coding, architecture and framework requirements we extend our tool to meet your unique project needs. Ispirer MnMTK offers highly automated, consistent and integrated conversion of the entire Pascal application. It also eliminates most of risks and reduce total amount of required efforts significantly. All these benefits are available at very reasonable and competitive costs, which makes database and application migration tool Ispirer MnMTK even a more attractive instrument for this project type.

You can try our demo version of Ispirer MnMTK and then choose the way of cooperation, which suits you best:
  • Purchase a toolkit-license to get the migration project done on your own. You execute the migration with the provided license. When facing any problems, we are ready to give guidance.
  • Purchase our service to get the migration project done by technical specialists on our side. Rely on our experienced technical team and get excellent results on time.
If you need further information, feel free to contact us.

Everything went very well, thank you! We did convert everything that we needed without a problem! It was perfect and we have the output we need. Thank you!

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