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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ispirer software and services. In case you require more information, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here to help.

I need to migrate a database and/or an application. How can you help me?

Ispirer Systems provides a solution for automated migration of databases and applications - Ispirer Toolkit. It can considerably accelerate any migration project and save your resources. You can learn more about Ispirer Toolkit or try it for free

How much does Ispirer Toolkit cost?

Our pricing is license-based, license prices depend on the project size and its duration. Thus, the project price is determined only after a thorough analysis of the source database or application. For this purpose, we have free Assessment Tools that will automatically collect all the necessary information.

What technologies does Ispirer Toolkit support? Where can I check if the direction I need is supported?

Ispirer Toolkit supports a majority of legacy and modern applications and databases. You can choose the required migration direction on the Application Conversion and Database Migration pages.

I'm not sure which technology to migrate to. Can you help me choose the most appropriate one?

Depending on your existing database or application, our experts can provide recommendations regarding the right target technology. Contact us and we’ll answer all your queries.

Can I try Ispirer Toolkit for free?

Yes, you can try our tools with a demo license that allows you to test automated migration using Ispirer Toolkit for free.

What conversion quality does Ispirer Toolkit provide?

Conversion quality depends on migration type, direction, and source code features. Nearly 100% of tables and data are converted for most directions. Approximately 75-95% of SQL code can be converted correctly by the tool. When the source code includes mostly business logic, as in the case of COBOL applications, around 70%-90% of the code can be converted automatically. For an application with a GUI, the initial conversion rate can be lower. However, in such cases, the customization of Ispirer Toolkit allows to achieve 90% of conversion.

How to choose between Ispirer Toolkit and migration services?

If you have your own team of experts with sufficient migration expertise to successfully migrate your database or application, Ispirer Toolkit is the best option for you. It will greatly simplify your team's work and speed up the migration project. If your team lacks the necessary expertise, our migration services will be the right choice.

Do Ispirer services include refactoring, testing and performance optimization?

Yes. Our experts have accumulated extensive experience not only in database and application migration but also in other facets of software modernization and optimization.

How can I evaluate the quality of the conversion result before launching full-fledged migration?

For you to be able to evaluate the conversion quality that could be achieved in the potential migration project, we offer a Proof-of-Concept. We will migrate a small piece of your code using Ispirer Toolkit and showcase the result of migration. It would allow you to evaluate the conversion quality at a smaller scale and cost before making a purchase decision.

What databases and programming languages do you provide migration services for?

As part of the services, we work with almost all technologies, even those that are not supported by the Ispirer Toolkit. Feel free to contact our support service, even if you have not found the technology you are interested in.

How much do migration services cost?

The price of a migration project depends on your migration direction, code volume, duration, and unique features of your code. To get an estimate of your project, please, contact our support service agents.

Which source databases does Ispirer Toolkit support?

Ispirer Toolkit support migration from the majority of popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and others. The full list of supported source databases is here.

Which target databases does Ispirer Toolkit support?

The toolkit support migration to the most popular target databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and others. You can see the full list of supported target databases here.

Does Ispirer Toolkit support Sybase (SAP) databases?

Sure, Ispirer Toolkit converts Sybase ASE (SAP ASE), Sybase ASA (SAP Anywhere) and Sybase IQ (SAP IQ) with a high-quality outcome. More information about SAP you can find on this page.

Does Ispirer Toolkit support DB2 migration to such platforms as iSeries and mainframe?

Yes, the toolkit supports the transition of IBM DB2 for LUW, iSeries (AS/400) and zOS (OS/390). Learn more by following this link.

Does Ispirer Toolkit support conversion of COBOL, C/C++, Informix 4GL to PL/SQL or other SQL dialects?

Yes, Ispirer Toolkit supports such conversion directions. More information is here

Can I access your website in languages other than English?

Yes, we have websites in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese.

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