Ispirer Partner Program

Ispirer Partner Program is designed to empower IT consultants and service providers to grow their business and better serve their customers by leveraging smart automation of application conversion and cross-database migration. The Program covers three basic cooperation models aimed at:

System Integrators

System integrators incorporate Ispirer Systems products and/or services into their comprehensive IT infrastructure modernization projects for their corporate clients. Primarily benefit from partner product margins.

Solution Providers

Solution providers incorporate Ispirer tools along with their proprietary products and services into the software modernization projects which they implement for their customers. Primarily benefit from special partner licensing terms and extended support options.

Referring Partners

Partners refer their customers to Ispirer to streamline their software modernization projects either through the use of Ispirer Toolkit or Ispirer’s migration services. Partner’s remuneration is commission-based.

Key Advantages

At Ispirer, we believe in mutually beneficial cooperation with all our partners and aside from the commercial incentives we bring a number of important benefits to the table.

Competitive offering

Competitive offering

By incorporating Ispirer products and services into your offering, you will be able to provide the most cost effective solutions to your customers willing to upgrade their software infrastructure.

Reduced risks

Reduced risks

Automation tools and frameworks, as well as 20+ years of experience in application conversion and database migration accumulated by Ispirer minimize the risks associated with complicated migration projects.

Customer success

Customer success

The ability to perform software modernization in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible, with associated risks kept to a minimum means that you can win more new customers, successfully upsale to existing customers, and maximize your customer satisfaction in both cases.

Our Partners

Through a trusted network of partners we are constantly generating ideas, innovating and co-creating customized propositions so that our customers get the best database and application migration solutions.

Ispirer Resellers

Ispirer Partners

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Gain access to the comprehensive Ispirer Partner Program benefits, including enticing product margins, pre-sales and implementation expert support, and co-marketing opportunities.

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