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Seamlessly move your database or application to the latest and future-proof technology using Ispirer software.

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Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service...

Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service

Get a comprehensive Service to convert your database or application to advanced technology with the help of Ispirer experts.

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Ispirer Toolkit...


Database Migration

Database Migration

Migration between all the most popular databases and cloud platforms, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, IBM DB2, SAP Sybase, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Informix, Progress, Teradata, InterBase, Firebird, etc.

On our site you can find any migration direction and choose the right one for you!

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We offer you Ispirer Toolkit, an innovative software for automated cross-database migration!

  • Automated SQL migration.The tool can migrate not only tables and data, but also SQL Business Logic including triggers, functions, stored procedures, packages, indexes and views.
  • Through the customization of the toolkit, you can achieve up to 100% migration automation. The manual work required after the migration will be minimized or eliminated.
  • Transfer of business logic from your database to the application layer. For example, Oracle PL/SQL can be automatically converted to Java with or without transfer to the application layer.
  • You get the following high-class conversion capabilities: resolving conflicts of reserved words and identifiers; migration of global variables; support of any data type, including user-defined and LOB data types; support of different character sets, date and time formats, and others.
  • Software settings are very flexible: selection of database objects to be migrated, data type mapping, object name mapping, advanced delimiters options, and others.

If you lack the necessary resources to perform migration independently, you can use Ispirer Migration Services, thereby you will save your time, lower costs and get ready-to-use results.

Ispirer Systems provides an individual approach to each customer. Depending on your business needs, we deliver a customized, reliable, and efficient solution for your specific migration project.

Application Conversion

We offer you comprehensive solutions for modernizing your legacy application to a new technology!

  • Entire conversion of your source technology. You completely get rid of the old technology with all its downsides, and get a new application without any middleware used afterwards.
  • Conversion of any complexity, including migration of business logic, graphical user interface, reports, database API, system functions, etc.
  • Migration to Web Architecture with simultaneous use of trending frameworks. Additionally, we offer refactoring and optimization of your application.
  • Automated migration of any technology is possible. We can automate any migration direction within a single project.

We take into account your specific coding, architecture and framework requirements, and provide you with a customized, reliable, and efficient solution delivered to your unique conversion project.

Application Conversion

Conversion of any technology, e.g. PowerBuilder, Delphi, Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL, COBOL to modern ones, such as Java and .NET.

On our site you can find a wide range of conversion directions, and choose the right one for you!

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Embedded SQL and Database API Conversion

During the modernization of the system, you may need to make changes to the integration between applications and databases, thus we offer a comprehensive conversion of the Embedded SQL statements and Database APIs.

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Benefits You Get

Considerable time and efforts saving

The conversion process is significantly speeded up through the automation, thus the project is completed within the shortest time period and with your minimal effort.

High quality migration

Converting handwritten code is quite a complex process. Within your project, we tailor the toolkit to achieve the highest level of automation, and satisfy all your business requirements. You get high quality and ready-to-use code.

Advantages of the latest technologies

You completely get rid of the old technology, and thus no any middleware is used after the process. You only have to enjoy the advantages of future-proof technologies.

What Our Customers Say

"We have found the tool to be powerful, and robust, which has facilitated the smooth conversion of one of our core systems from Informix 7.3.1 running on a Sun Unix enviroment to an enviroment running Windows Server 2008 SQL Server 2008."

"We have found the Ispirer team to be knowledgeable and responsive and we have found the tooling to be flexible enough to be easily adapted to our coding conventions."

"We found the SQLWays product and the Ispirer Systems support staff to be an enormous asset and an exceptional value to our migration team. The interface with the entire Ispirer organization was seamless and extremely efficient."

"We were thrilled when we found out that the migration could be performed only in a few months taking into account the large amount of data that need to be converted and our specific requirements."

"At the onset of the engagement the Ispirer MnMTK was expanded to meet the specific requirements of our migration prior to being delivered for our use. Once this phase of the project was complete we were provided with the expanded toolkit."

"We were impressed with the knowledge, professionality, hard work and enthusiasm of the Ispirer team. Through this Migration Project we have a solid base for further expanding our application."

"Ispirer MnMTK was crucial to the successful completion of our database conversion project. We had tried several different strategies and tools previously and none of them compared to Ispirer MnMTK. It was definitely money well spent."

"The Ispirer team turned out to be very responsive, our customization requests were processed very quickly.Thanks to the tool, the only thing left to do was to fix 2 or 3 statements that were not automated during the migration process."

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