Ispirer Toolkit

Ispirer Toolkit

Improve outcomes, enhance efficiency, and increase profitability of your business by modernizing your system with Ispirer Toolkit.

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Ispirer Service

Ispirer Service

Entrust your project to our experienced migration team. Our experts will help you modernize, optimize, integrate your new system, as well as speed up its deployment.

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More than 1000 companies use our solutions including global corporations from Fortune 500 and Global 2000


Challenges We Address

Cross-database migration

We offer migration of schema, including SQL objects, as well as tables and data. Our team has experience working with more than 20 RDBMSs and cloud platforms, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, IBM DB2, SAP Sybase, PostgreSQL, AWS, MySQL, Informix, Progress, Teradata, InterBase, Firebird, etc.

Database Migration

Database Migration

Database Migration

Application modernization

We perform automated conversion from various legacy programming languages, e.g. Delphi, PowerBuilder, Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL, COBOL to modern technologies such as JavaScript, .NET and Java.

Application Conversion

Application Migration

Application Migration

Ispirer Toolkit

Comprehensive toolkit to run your migration.

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Turn your database schema, data and server-side business logic migration process from manual and complicated into automated and streamlined with SQLWays Wizard.

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Quickly and securely set up and automatically transfer your legacy application to modern technology with the help of nGLFly Wizard.

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Come Join the Success

Our clients generally find Ispirer Toolkit easy to use, appreciate the excellent conversion quality and friendly support we provide.

Most importantly, they managed to solve their migration tasks quickly and efficiently.

Auxiliary Tools

Ispirer offers free assessment tools that will simplify the evaluation of your migration project.


Ispirer Assessment Wizard is designed to collect statistical information about the database in order to assess the scale of the migration project.


Ispirer Metrics is a set of tools designed to collect statistical information about applications written in COBOL, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL and Visual Basic.

Ispirer Services

We continually upskill in cutting-edge infrastructure and technologies to provide you with all-embracing migration services.

Database migration

Comprehensive migration between diverse source and target endpoints that use different database engines, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, IBM Db2, SAP Sybase, PostgreSQL, AWS, MySQL, Informix, Progress, Teradata, InterBase, Firebird, etc.

Converted entire database schema and data:

  • Tables
  • Data
  • Indexes
  • Functions
  • Stored procedures
  • Packages
  • Triggers
  • Views


Application conversion

End-to-end migration of various legacy applications, e.g. COBOL, Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL, Delphi, PowerBuilder to modern technologies, such as JavaScript, .NET and Java.

Converted business logic and content of the entire application:

  • Syntax
  • System functions
  • Variable types
  • GUI
  • Embedded SQL
  • Reports


Related services

Pre-migration services:

  • Consulting on target technology
  • Database audit
  • Application audit
  • Refactoring

Additional migration services:

Post-migration services:

  • Testing
  • Deployment and integration
  • Refactoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Support and maintenance
  • New features delivery


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