Staples, United States

IBM DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server

Staples, United States

Jose Mendoza

Principal DBA

July 9, 2015

Our work with Ispirer Systems and its migration team aimed to automate our DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server Database migration with the help of SQLWays migration tool. We were thrilled when we found out that the migration could be performed only in a few months taking into account the large amount of data that need to be converted and our specific requirements. The result was impressive in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most was the opportunity to configure the tool for our specific needs so that no manually intervention was necessary. The Ispirer technical team provided us with the constant support with the DB2 server set up which enabled the migration process to run smoothly. All our requirements were met within a reasonable timeframe.

In summary we are satisfied both with the result of the conversion and the interaction with Ispirer team. The SQLWays tool is a great solution for those who require an efficient and quick database migration.

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