Beckman Coulter, United States

Sybase ASE to Microsoft SQL Server, PowerBuilder to Windows Forms

Beckman Coulter, United States

Tim Sexton

Project Lead, Staff Manufacturing Engineer

Process Technology Team

June 24, 2021

Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a Danaher Corporation Company. Our diagnostic systems are used in complex biomedical testing, and are found in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician office settings around the globe.

We, like many companies, have grown through acquisition and have actively been moving towards enterprise software solutions to address our global operations. However, we are faced with site specific niche solutions that are aging and in need of modernization. We contracted with Ispirer Systems, Inc. to utilize their expertise when we realized we no longer had in-house capability, or the development tools needed to migrate a business-critical Manufacturing Documentation System. The application was based on software that was no longer supported (Sybase 5.5/ Power Builder). The project encompassed database migration Sybase ASE to MS SQL Server and converting the Custom application from Power Builder to MS Windows forms using C#.

Ispirer Systems worked with us directly to help "reverse engineer" the application because we had lost portions of the source code documentation over the course of 25 years. Beckman Coulter provided as much of the information as we could but there was a lot of functionality that we did not know. This is where Ispirer talents became apparent as they forensically reengineered functionality. We have a tremendous working relationship with their team. This was especially showcased during the debug phase of the software testing. The software "bug" turnaround time from observation to resolution rarely exceeded 24 hours and the "first pass success rate" on fixes provided a further testament to the software engineers' talents.

As the project lead, I would highly recommend Ispirer Systems, Inc. for their technical ability and their customer focused approach.

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