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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an option which provides a powerful cloud-based environment that integrates your data, keeps it secure and easily accessible. There are countless benefits to migrating your database to Azure cloud, including: ability to scale resources, cost savings, greater flexibility and accessibility of data 24/7.

The benefits of getting to Azure cloud technology are really significant even for a small business, but the move is quite complex. So it’s worth teaming up with one of Microsoft’s partners who will help you throughout the process. Ispirer is a Silver Microsoft Partner listed here as preferred provider of migration services.

Ispirer has demonstrated competency in the areas of automated migration to Microsoft SQL Server, database migration to Azure Cloud, as well as into .NET. Our tools are available to assist you with various database and data migration scenarios. Benefit from Ispirer competency to plan migration to Azure successfully and to complete its various phases.

Ispirer helps businesses set up their migration process from any source platform, including Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, Informix, Teradata etc. to target environment.

Ispirer offers you the following migration options. To learn more please click on the suitable target:

Azure for PostgreSQL

Choose your source database to learn more about its migration to Azure.

Azure for MySQL

Choose your source database to learn more about its migration to Azure.

If you haven’t found a suitable source database in the list above, please contact us. Our experts will discuss the possibility of converting any technology to Azure, and give you professional advice.

What Our Customers Say

"Our overall experience with Ispirer tool is positive and we had a great success in everything during the migration process. I would like to recommend Ispirer MnMTK to everyone as this software provides fast and efficient migration results."

"The Ispirer team turned out to be very responsive, our customization requests were processed very quickly.Thanks to the tool, the only thing left to do was to fix 2 or 3 statements that were not automated during the migration process."

"Ispirer MnMTK was crucial to the successful completion of our database conversion project. We had tried several different strategies and tools previously and none of them compared to Ispirer MnMTK. It was definitely money well spent."

"We were thrilled when we found out that the migration could be performed only in a few months taking into account the large amount of data that need to be converted and our specific requirements."

"We found the SQLWays product and the Ispirer Systems support staff to be an enormous asset and an exceptional value to our migration team. The interface with the entire Ispirer organization was seamless and extremely efficient."

"We have found the tool to be powerful, and robust, which has facilitated the smooth conversion of one of our core systems from Informix 7.3.1 running on a Sun Unix enviroment to an enviroment running Windows Server 2008 SQL Server 2008."

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