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Automated Database Migration

Need to migrate IBM DB2 LUW to MySQL? In this case, Ispirer migration tools and services will be the perfect solution for your project!

Ispirer Toolkit

Ispirer Toolkit is a high-class software that automatically migrates DB2 LUW to MySQL. It converts the entire database schema (tables and SQL objects), as well as transfers data. Besides, such a challenging and most time-consuming task as database business logic conversion is greatly facilitated due to the power and flexibility of the Ispirer tool. As a result, you significantly reduce overall effort and time for migration. You can check all these features for yourself with the free demo of Ispirer Toolkit.
Each project has its own specifics. It may seem impossible to bring migration automation to a high level. With Ispirer it will be a smooth transition. The main advantage of Ispirer Toolkit is the personalization for your migration project. We will add all conversion rules to achieve up to 100% automated migration from your DB2 LUW database to MySQL through customization.

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Customer Support

Ispirer customer support is included with the product license purchase. Moreover, we provide free pre-sales support to help you get started and show you the possibilities of the Ispirer solutions.

  • Obtain fast, convenient and personalized support from actual people via email, phone, live chat and online meetings. No chatbots and lack of support as free software has.
  • Get quick answers from our consultants, and flexibility in solving problems arising in the process. All of this is the result of hundreds of successfully completed migration projects.
  • Receive from the Ispirer specialists with over 20 years of experience the optimal combination of settings suitable for your specific IBM DB2 LUW to MySQL migration project.
  • Expand your capabilities with timely and accurate software customization made by our experts. This is essential for large-scale projects, where each new setup can significantly speed up migration and reduce overall efforts.

Excellent customer support plays an important role in our mission to provide you with the perfect solutions. Since we truly value our customers, we want to gain trust and show that you can always rely on us.

Migration to Cloud

With the Ispirer Toolkit Demo license you can try for free IBM DB2 LUW database conversion to MySQL, and the import on any platform, including Azure and GCP. Ispirer Toolkit suits for MySQL whether on-premise or on cloud and any operating system. A move to a tuneable, smart, and flexible database on the cloud will contribute greatly to your modernization project.

Microsoft Azure

MySQL on Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

MySQL on Google Cloud Platform

As a valued member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Ispirer is among the experts providing professional services for Google Cloud Platform. Ispirer participates in Microsoft Partner Network and is declared to be a trustful provider of migration solutions into Microsoft Technology Stack. Apply Ispirer solution to easily migrate and maintain your MySQL databases on the cloud.

Migration Overview

IBM DB2 LUW to MySQL Migration Features

Ispirer Toolkit automates the entire migration of database objects from DB2 LUW to MySQL. Moreover, choosing Ispirer migration solution to convert DB2 LUW to MySQL you eliminate most of associated risks and considerably reduce internal efforts. All these benefits are available at reasonable and competitive costs that makes Ispirer Toolkit even more attractive conversion tool for this project type.

  • Tables
  • Stored Procedures
  • Views
  • User Defined Types
  • Data
  • Functions
  • Sequences
  • Synonyms
  • Indexes
  • Triggers

Purchase Ispirer Toolkit to automatically migrate DB2 LUW or get Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service to obtain a ready-to-use result. In both cases, with the help of Ispirer enterprise-level solutions, you will definitely migrate your current system to MySQL without any middleware used after the process.

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Ispirer Toolkit

Reach the maximum level of automation and quality of conversion from IBM DB2 LUW to MySQL with the help of Ispirer Toolkit! Based on your requirements, the Ispirer team will process all customization requests for your IBM DB2 LUW to MySQL conversion project. We offer several types of Ispirer Toolkit licenses, among which you will find the one that is suitable for you. Each conversion project is considered and discussed separately, prices depend on its scope, duration and complexity.

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Ispirer Toolkit 10

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Ispirer Service

If you don't want to involve your own resources to move IBM DB2 LUW to MySQL, get Ispirer Migration and Modernization Service and we will deliver you an operational and high-quality end-result on time and at a reasonable price. Apart from professional Analysis, Evaluation, Performance and Testing of your migration, we also provide such services as Code Refactoring, Changing Functionality, and Adding Extra Functionality. Each conversion project is reviewed and discussed separately and the final price is a subject to negotiation.

Ispirer Migration Service

Ispirer Migration Service

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Benefits You Get

100% Automation

100% Automation

Due to the customization, the manual work after migration will be minimized or eliminated.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

You pay for only what you need: prices depend on the scope and duration of your project.

Optimized Migration

Optimized Migration

You get an intelligent and maintainable code without using any middleware after conversion.

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