• Customer: Software developer and provider
  • Country: Colombia
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: Oracle 11
  • Target Technology: Java 8 Spring, PostgreSQL 14
  • Project Scope: 1,250,000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 14 months

A significant reduction in system maintenance costs was achieved through this project. The customer got high-quality, easy-to-maintain code, making it easier to support and reducing time to market without the need to rewrite or redesign their application. Savings on project costs as well as risk mitigation are invaluable.


  • Stays off vendor lock threats and excess expenses.
  • Increases the ability of business to reach new heights without any technical constraints through software scalability.
  • Gets a more robust and reliable Java-based technology that is less prone to security threats.
  • Lowers app maintenance and operational costs, as well as costs for hardware, software, and staff.

Migrated 1,250,000 lines of PL/SQL code to Java in 14 months


Our customer is a Colombian enterprise that offers their clients end-to-end, high-performance technological solutions. The company operates in the software development, consulting, IT infrastructure implementation and management fields. There are currently more than 300 employees working for the company.


The customer owns an Oracle-based product for the administration and control of the operational and commercial processes of payment service providers. The platform is designed to carry out secure and smooth online payment transactions.

The main problem of the customer’s product was the high cost of its maintenance, lack of the necessary security controls and limited compatibility with trending platforms. The customer needed a modern and robust system that could be easily integrated with other technologies and work reliably over a long time period.

With that goal in mind, the company's management made the decision to replace Oracle 11 as the primary storage solution across the platform. The customer chose to move to PostgreSQL 14 and Java 8 Spring to save on licensing, support, maintenance costs, as well as to get more valuable inbuilt features of the advanced technology infrastructure.

The main challenge of implementing the transition from Oracle to Java and PostgreSQL was the formidable size of the source application. The migration scope included 500 tables with 30 GB of data and 1,250,000 lines of PL/SQL code. Besides, due to the company's long history and exclusive use of a familiar technology stack, they required constant assistance when switching to a new infrastructure. After a thorough market analysis of application and database migration solutions, the customer chose Ispirer Systems to help future-proof their software.


Oracle to Java migration is well developed in Ispirer Toolkit thanks to the plenty of projects implemented for this direction. Having tested the software, the customer was convinced that they could accomplish high quality conversion in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort, despite the fact that the customer’s team had little expertise in Java and PostgreSQL.

A licensing engagement model with extended support and toolkit customization was chosen for the project.

Equipped with Ispirer Toolkit, the customer’s team proceeded with the automated conversion on their side, documenting the issues that needed to be fixed or the features that needed to be added to the toolkit. For instance, one of the major challenges discovered was the presence of large objects in the database, the use of a large number of built-in packages in the code.

Ispirer experts provided continuous support in fixing and implementing additional features, as well as configuring and customizing the toolkit according to the customer’s document. Our team automated the conversion of code using the following packages: UTL_I18N, DBMS_CRYPTO, DBMS_LOB, UTL_RAW, UTL_ENCODE, DBMS_SQL.

During the project, over 80 tasks for business logic conversion, including code quality improvements and conversion level enhancement were implemented by the Ispirer team.

Finally, the customer’s team independently adapted the results to the microservice architecture.


The customer completed the migration from Oracle to Java Spring in 14 months, which is quite fast given the size of the source code. The project scope included about 1,250,000 lines of converted PL/SQL code.

As for Ispirer, thanks to this project, our experts have markedly improved the overall level of Oracle to Java conversion, including Oracle to Java using Spring JDBC as a database API.

The outcomes achieved by the customer’s team:

  • Having migrated from Oracle to Java Spring, the customer no longer had to pay a license fee to Oracle for software updates. Due to the latest features and enhancements available in the Java framework, they were able to reduce maintenance costs as well.
  • Benefited from the new security features and updates, as well as the improved system performance and stability. Moreover, the latest patches and fixes for Java and the open-source PostgreSQL database increased the overall reliability of the customer’s infrastructure.
  • Enhanced the code quality and maintainability of their application through the use of new language features and API.