Conversion to .NET

Ispirer is Microsoft Partner for database migration

Nowadays, when new programming technologies become the “norm”, things that were developed years ago get obsolete and require migration to the new system. Maintaining a legacy system means high operational risk for your company. What is more, keeping them running is increasingly expensive.

When those systems no longer appropriately support the business, they must be significantly modernized or replaced by the more flexible, secure and reliable technologies, among which .NET programming technology is the most widely-used one. Here you can see the main advantages of .NET technology over a legacy product:
  • high performance
  • ease of development and deployment
  • web service support
  • platform independent, multi-platform support
  • standards integration: XML, SOAP, and more
  • maintainability, portability
  • security and scalability of the system
  • less complexity and consistent programming model
Ispirer MnMTK is capable of converting Delphi, Cobol, PowerBuilder, Pascal, Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL and other legacy systems to .NET technology.
Why migrate to .NET with IspirerWe offer the automated conversion process of your legasy application, which allows you to:
  • generate code of exceptional quality
  • reduce the overall effort and cost for the migration project
  • considerably speed up the migration process
  • get a ready project without a necessity for further development
You can try our demo version of Ispirer MnMTK and then choose the way of cooperation, which suits you best:
  • Purchase a toolkit-license to get the migration project done on your own. You execute the migration with the provided license. When facing any problems, we are ready to give guidance.
  • Purchase our service to get the migration project done by technical specialists on our side. Rely on our experienced technical team and get excellent results on time.

Ispirer Slide for Microsoft Presentation

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