Conversion to Java


Java is a modern technology, which is famous for its numerous advantages: scalability, reliability, speed, security and cross-platform capabilities. There are a number of reasons, which make it necessary to modernize legacy applications and move towards modern Java solutions.

Ispirer can provide you with a tool license or migration services in order to modernize your legacy system. Choosing us for migrating to Java you gain the following advantages:
  • automated migration of legacy application
  • extension of the tool specifically according to your project needs in a short time
  • reduced overall effort and cost for the migration project
  • object-oriented, understandable, and easily maintainable resulting code, which can be fully integrated with other Java applications
Our innovative and cost-effective solutions significantly decreases the risk and time involved, and enables your team to continue maintaining and enhancing the migrated application. Proven methodology and longstanding experience of our technical experts help fully automate the process and decrease the volume of manual corrections almost completely. Ispirer MnMTK is capable of converting Delphi, Cobol, PowerBuilder, Pascal, Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL, Oracle Forms, Oracle PL/SQL and other legacy systems to Java.
Why migrate to Java with IspirerTWe offer the automated conversion process of your legasy application, which allows you to:
  • generate code of exceptional quality
  • reduce the overall effort and cost for the migration project
  • considerably speed up the migration process
  • get a ready project without a necessity for further development
Ispirer Migration and Modernization toolkit and migration services provide an end-to-end solution for all your most complicated requirements. Our technical experts perform all required design phases and architecture decisions in accordance with your company’s specific business needs.
You can try our demo version of Ispirer MnMTK and then choose the way of cooperation, which suits you best:
  • Purchase a toolkit-license to get the migration project done on your own. You execute the migration with the provided license. When facing any problems, we are ready to give guidance.
  • Purchase our service to get the migration project done by technical specialists on our side. Rely on our experienced technical team and get excellent results on time.