High Availability Systems Co. Ltd., Japan

Informix 4GL to Oracle PL/SQL

High Availability Systems Co. Ltd., Japan

Yoshiro Suyama

Executive Officer

February 25, 2015

While we appreciate commitment to quality and fair pricing, it was a pleasure to cooperate with our long-term developer. We have already successfully performed a range of projects together. This time we faced the challenge to perform a migration task for one of our client IT-companies from Japan. Ispirer was extremely professional and very helpful in offering us full-cycle application migration service. Our project was a tall order that most companies could not complete. Actually there was no other solution for this task on the world-wide market.

Ispirer professionals converted Informix 4GL functions to Oracle PL/SQL packages on their side maintaining a strong commitment to quality. The new direction in SQLWays was developed for us by Ispirer managers in very short timelines. One of the tangible elements which made it all possible was about 95% of automation in migration process. Such a high level if automation was reached due to special customizations introduced into the migration tool. As a result we received a running application, containing more than two hundred thousand lines of code on the whole.

We continue to collaborate with Ispirer in 2014. By the end of the seventh migration stage, we have got more than one hundred fifty thousand lines of code successfully converted to Oracle.

We have the profitable pleasure of working with Ispirer. We would strongly recommend the Ispirer team and the SQLWays product.

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