Case Studies

Ispirer has been working together with a Czech company that specializes in the development and installation of equipment for gastronomical services. The client needed to perform migration from Sybase ASA to PostgreSQL.

A major provider of solutions in the travel sector asked Ispirer Systems to perform a complex migration. The customer was considering decommissioning of the Progress applications as part of their IT strategy.

An India-based provider of IT services solutions wanted to execute a complementary migration task for one of its customers. The client was looking for a tool to facilitate the migration process of the PostgreSQL database to Oracle.

The US consulting company specializing in mobile device management turned to Ispirer to migrate their application. About seventy thousand lines of code were to be migrated from the Visual Basic technology to VB.NET.

Our client is a U.S.-based health insurance company providing care services through their extensive network of hospitals. The Ispirer team was challenged to perform an application conversion from Delphi to C# .NET.

A renowned US trailer lessor approached Ispirer with a request to complete a major migration of 3 database schemas from Informix to Microsoft SQL Server, 3 PowerBuilder applications and an ASP site to ASP.NET.

The client is a U.S.-based nonprofit education organization that seeks to ensure equal rights for students in low-income groups throughout the United States. This was the second time a customer approached Ispirer.

Our client is a group of the US companies, engaged in manufacturing of steel mill, aggregate, and asphalt products for almost a hundred years. The client had a legacy IBM DB2 z/OS running on the mainframe emulator.

The Ispirer's client is a Saudi Arabian developer of access control and time attendance systems, who was looking to migrate their SQL Server to Oracle. One of the peculiarities of the source database data was Arabic symbols.

Our client is an American broadcasting and cable company. The challenge was to convert the C application from Sybase ESQL API to PostgreSQL ECPG API, including embedded SQL. The total scope included almost 50,000 LOCs.

Our Baltimore, Maryland-based client has been providing documentation and billing solutions for hospitals for more than fifteen years. The challenge was to perform a massive application conversion from PowerBuilder to С#.

We had a chance to work with a leading provider of relocation and moving solutions from Australia, who required our migration services in order to move from the legacy database to the updated platform on the basis of SQL Server.