The customer is a provider of financial and real estate services. They specialize in building large comprehensive databases of property and financial information in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The customer turned to Ispirer for help with application migration issues and also for comprehensive IT consulting services.


Progress 4GL, ASP.NET, C#


The main challenge of the project was performing an application conversion from Progress 4GL to ASP.NET C#. This conversion direction was new for the Ispirer team at that time, and therefore the project had to be started from scratch. The overall scope of the migration involved more than twenty thousand lines of code.


To demonstrate the feasibility of the client’s project, we decided to undertake a proof-of-concept (POC) stage. Our engineers configured the SQLWays tool to ensure that it had all the necessary functions needed for the client’s requirements. A new migration direction was added to SQLWays: Progress 4GL to ASP.NET. After completing the POC study, Ispirer delivered to the client a prototype of the new ASP.NET C# application, successfully converted from Progress 4GL.

Results and Advantages

With the POC stage completed, the client was able to determine that the migration was feasible and that it could be done within a reasonable time frame. By demonstrating fruitful results, the Ispirer team had proven that the SQLWays tool could be customized easily to fit the user’s needs.