Ispirer was enlisted to provide migration services to a U.K.-based company that renders customer services in dozens of languages and more than 150 locations worldwide. Its numerous customer contact centers work to enhance accounting and billing services in the financial, communications, and retail industries.


Oracle PL/SQL, Java


The company turned to Ispirer to have its Oracle PL/SQL packages migrated to Java with a professional approach and within a short time span. The project entailed some specific developments as the migration direction was new for the Ispirer team at that moment.


The conversion direction for Oracle PL/SQL to Java was developed by Ispirer engineers from scratch. In this regard, some specific customization of our migration tool, SQLWays, was required. Once that was accomplished, our engineers were able to execute the basic migration of code between the client’s application environments within one month. Our engineers achieved 100% automation right at the test migration of packages by SQLWays.

Results and Advantages

The client’s application code was completely migrated and required no further manual corrections. Ispirer delivered a fully functional and tested Java application with embedded SQL to the client, who was then able to enjoy all the benefits of Java language.