This time Ispirer had an opportunity to work with a company based in United States, which is a leading manufactor of equipment for water supply and plumbery, also occupied with the quality of waterlines and drinking water.


Progress, Microsoft SQL Server


Our client required the migration of two databases existing in Progress environment, each containing near one thousand tables, to Microsoft SQL Server platform.


We provided the customer with an automatic solution with the help of Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit 2015. Along with a month license for MnMTK, Ispirer professionals provided the client with a constant technical support during all the license period. All the issues the client did encounter in the course of migration to Microsoft SQL Server were minor, so it took a couple of hours for Ispirer technicals to solve them, which proved MnMTK to be highly customizable.

Results and Advantages

Providing a Toolkit of a high quality and a quick and effective support Ispirer team guaranties that the client will be satisfied with the result of our cooperation.