Our client was an Australia-based law society represented by around ten thousand legal professionals who assist their clienteles with legal issues. The company is well known for its high quality legal support services across all spheres of business law.


IBM DB2 AS/400, Microsoft SQL Server


The project included migration of data and business logic from the DB2 AS400 to Microsoft SQL Server platform. About one thousand tables, five hundred views, two hundred and fifty stored procedures and five hundred triggers of DB2 AS400 were to be moved to the Microsoft SQL Server.


We provided the client with a one-month SQLWays license. As this migration direction is well developed by Ispirer, there was no need to offer any additional technical support for this project. The entire project scope was successfully transferred to the target database seamlessly.

Results & Advantages

With the help of the SQLWays migration toolset, we managed to gain up to 100% of conversion automation. This yet again underscores how SQLWays allows our customers to save time, money, and efforts on projects involving database migration.