A U.S.-based consulting company focusing on enterprise mobile device management and delivering solutions to address business problems enlisted the services of Ispirer to perform an application migration.


Visual Basic, VB.NET


About seventy thousand lines of code were to be migrated from Visual Basic to VB.NET. The client also specified some additional requirements to ensure system safety.


The entire project entailed not only application conversion but also a more powerful system of safety. Therefore, the creation of a security admin component was specially ordered, customized, and added to the project. Besides the migration to Windows Forms UI with third-party components from FarPoint, Janus was also used.

Results and Advantages

The Ispirer technical team successfully resolved all the application conversion tasks, exceeding the customer’s expectations. By the end of the project, the client was convinced that they saved not only time and effort on the application migration but also accomplished many important tasks using the newly converted quick and competent application.