The task was performed for a New York-based major retail store network offering delivery service of provisions. The company works in a high-demand business sector and offers world-class service to millions of its customers.


Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL


The task was to successfully transfer business logic and data from Microsoft SQL Server platform. The target environment chosen by the client was PostgreSQL. The source database contained several hundred tables and business logic, which included views, stored procedures, functions, and triggers that presented more than thirty five thousand lines of code.

Ispirer professionals had to cope with an additional challenge posed by the invalid byte sequence issue in the data. Our developers successfully met the client's final demand for the PostgreSQL code by individually customizing the SQLWays toolset and ensuring project completion on time.


We had to customize certain features and functions of the SQLWays tool in order to smoothly perform this migration. Among new conversion rules that have been added are:

  • result set from stored procedure,
  • MERGE statement,
  • system static functions,
  • hierarchical queries,
  • function NEWID(), IDENTITY, Dateadd.

Furthermore, Ispirer developers changed the way the data is stored in the datafile – octal representation.

Results & Advantages

Through customization of the SQLWays migration toolset, we were able to provide the client with a ready-to-use software for migrating the project scope perfectly. No extra investment of time was required and the client received fully transferred business logic and data in the target environment.