• Customer: Software Developer
  • Country: Chile
  • Product Used: Ispirer MnMTK License
  • Source Technology: Sybase ASE
  • Target Technology: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Project Scope: 500,000 LOCs
  • Project Duration: 2014-2015


Our customer has an extensive experience in information and communications technologies. They offer comprehensive services that cover the full software development and maintenance, data and system migration and a full range of consulting services. The focus areas of consulting provided are software implementation and re-engineering of business processes.


The company took decision to migrate their legacy database to a modern and perspective platform. Microsoft SQL Server was chosen as a new database engine and expected to be easily integrated with other technologies.

“As our company lacked resources for performing this migration task manually, we started researching ways to automate the process.“ – said the CIO of the company.


At the Analysis Stage, the Ispirer team reviewed the specifications provided by the customer and analyzed the source database and the requirements to the target one. This migration task could be indeed performed more efficiently with the help Ispirer MnMTK. This required a short-term extension stage before the conversion process.

During the Extension Stage, the Ispirer Developers expanded some of the existing functionalities of the toolkit to ensure the best result after the automatic migration.

Summarizing the results, the software was fully tested to meet all the project requirements and delivered to the customer. The company acquired the Ispirer MnMTK license for six months that included free technical support from Ispirer migration experts assigned to the project. The volume of the legacy Sybase ASE database involved 1,000 tables, 80 GB of data and around 3,000 stored procedures. Both data and SQL migration were performed automatically at the customer’s premises.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

The migration solution provided by Ispirer made it easy for the company to migrate Sybase ASE to Microsoft SQL Server. All the requirements were handled by Ispirer team with the help of Ispirer MnMTK within the promised timeline and cost estimate. As a result, our customer was able to get all the benefits of the modern RDBMS.