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Informix 4GL to Microsoft SQL Server Solution, United States


Our Customer is a trusted US corporation that provides human resources services and business solutions for more than 100,000 small and midsized businesses across the United States.

The Company’s offerings include benefits administration, workers' compensation programs, and personnel records management.


Informix 4GL, MS SQL Server, Transact-SQL.


Customer needed to perform the migration of its Informix 4GL code to MS SQL Server stored procedures. For this project Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit was chosen, as it provides automated database and application migration.


During the Analysis Stage, Ispirer and customer’s teams discussed the requirements and found out the appropriate solution to migrate Informix 4GL code to MS SQL Server.

To check the chosen migration solution, Ispirer team offered to perform Proof-of-Concept. During PoC, Ispirer team migrated 4,000 lines of Informix 4GL code to MS SQL Server Transact-SQL. Based on the PoC results, Ispirer team forecast a high percentage of migration automation.

During the Extension Stage, Ispirer team automated the developed solution for 30,000 lines of Informix 4GL code to MS SQL Server.


Ispirer team completed the Analysis Stage, Proof-of-Concept and Extension Stage and achieved more than 90% of migration automation.

In December 2017, the Customer purchased the License for 6 months to convert 250,000 lines of Informix 4GL code to MS SQL Server.


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January 15, 2019CanadaHelps, Canada

CanadaHelps, Canada

'The migration process was quick and very easy and saved us a tremendous amount...

July 23, 2018Novum, Germany

Novum, Germany

'Our stored procedures have been very complex with lots of dynamic SQL. No problem...


Overall, the code looks good. It’s still easy to read and it should be fairly simple to maintain going forward. The Excel reports and other files are generating as expected.

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