• Customer: Laboratory information system provider
  • Country: United States
  • Product Used: Ispirer Migration Service
  • Source Technology: Oracle
  • Target Technology: PostgreSQL
  • Project Scope: 400 000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 11 months

About Customer

Our client is a leading laboratory information systems vendor. Based in the USA the company has gained an excellent reputation and today it is one of the largest LIS providers in the world. The client has enormous expertise in research and development and every year takes part in prestigious events. The company offers more than 30 solutions for the healthcare industry including solutions for different categories: laboratory, genetics, pathology, radiology, blood services, and research.


In order to meet the requirements of their own projects better and to use extended functionality, the client decided to move their Oracle database to PostgreSQL. The database migration scope consisted of more than 1400 tables, 400 packages; the total number of lines of code was more than 400,000.


The total scope of the project has been split into 4 stages.

At the 1st stage the database was migrated with the help of Ispirer Toolkit. Then Ispirer specialists analyzed the results of conversion.

The next step consisted of adding new conversion rules to Ispirer Toolkit to address several issues that appeared during the first use of our tool.

The project was complicated with a great number of packages of table data types which were quite large in terms of lines of code. Together with the customer’s team our experts elaborated the most applicable algorithm with the help of PG arrays that facilitated not only the conversion results, but the work of the Toolkit as well. Also our team faced some issues with conversion of package variables, Begin/End inside the package itself. After making some changes to the tool they were converted automatically.

At the final stage we had to make minor manual corrections for converting dynamic SQL, system objects, hierarchical queries and conversion of functions with OUT parameters.

Having tested the ready-made PostgreSQL database, we delivered it to our customer.

Results and Benefits

As a result of database migration services provided by Ispirer, the customer received a PostgreSQL DMS. With the help of our work the client managed to lower the risks of using the outdated relational database system and facilitate working with clients in future.

Ispirer Toolkit has gained new conversion rules which means that future migration projects will be even more successful.