• Customer: Automation solution provider
  • Country: Germany
  • Product Used: Ispirer Migration Service
  • Source Technology: Delphi, TQuickRep
  • Target Technology: C# WinForms, RDLC report files
  • Project Scope: 1,400,000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 2017-2018


A German company that offers innovative automation solutions for all industries. The company develops state-of-the-art systems for operation, disposition, monitoring and control. Activity emphases are the technical planning and software development for all industries, which require automation solutions.


The first stage consisted of carrying out a Proof-of-Concept. Through this process 10,000 lines of code from Delphi to C# were converted. In particular for this project, our team expanded Ispirer Toolkit to convert TQuickRep reports to Visual Studio RDLC report files, as well all the source Delphi code to WinForms.

At the first migration stage, Ispirer successfully converted 800,000 lines of the Delphi code to C#, and 300,000 lines of code of TQuickRep reports from Delphi to Visual Studio RDLC report files.

At the second stage, 300,000 lines of the Delphi code to C# and TQuickRep reports from Delphi to Visual Studio RDLC report files.

The customer turned to Ispirer for the same service on two occasions. The total project scope was 1,400,000 lines of converted code.

Benefits Derived from Conversion

As a result of the application conversion service provided by Ispirer, the company managed to quickly and easily process the received code.

Meanwhile, the Ispirer team has gained a vast experience in the field of Delphi to C# conversion. Every day we endeavor to meet the needs of all our customers.