• Customer: IT solution provider
  • Country: Czechia
  • Product Used: Ispirer Toolkit License
  • Source Technology: Sybase ASE
  • Target Technology: PostgreSQL
  • Project Scope: 300 000 LOC
  • Project Duration: 6 months

About Customer

Our client is a leading company in the sphere of innovative development for the manufacturing and service sector. The company operates with clients from various fields including car industry, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, logistics and others. The customer’s annual turnover exceeds 3 billion euros; the shares of the company are listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York.


Nowadays more and more companies are refusing outdated technologies, preferring to work with more modern solutions. Our client provides migration and modernization services on its own, but due to the big workload and specific project features the company didn’t manage to meet the deadline.

In order to reduce the volume of work our client made a decision to find a reliable partner for making the migration of the database to speed up the project management process.

In addition to the speed, the high quality of conversion was extremely important to the client. So, Ispirer Toolkit perfectly fit the requirements. After testing our tool with a free demo-license the customer bought the license for migrating Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL. The project included a big amount of objects and business-logic, above 300,000 lines of code and more than 800 tables.


The perfect solution turned out to be a 6-months license of Toolkit. During the migration project the client made several customization requests including special requirements for JOIN and Identity conversion.

Our specialists found out the needs of the client and customized the tool for the higher quality of conversion. Throughout the migration period, the client was accompanied by a team of technical specialists on emerging issues.

We respect our customers and care about the results of working with Ispirer, therefore in case of difficulties we stay in touch with our clients. Hundreds of successfully completed projects and 20 years of experience help us solve our clients’ issues of any nature. We are convinced that technical support has a crucial role and helps our cooperation become even more fruitful.

Benefits from Working with Ispirer

Automatic migration with Ispirer SQLWays Wizard and technical support allowed the client to complete the migration process on time and migrate Sybase ASE to PostgreSQL successfully.

The Ispirer team had an opportunity to gain new experience and prove its expertise. What is more, we enriched the collection of successfully finished projects. Thanks to customizations, we significantly improved our tool and now Ispirer Toolkit will work even more efficiently.