• Customer: IT services provider
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Product Used: Customization, Ispirer Toolkit license
  • Source Technology: Oracle
  • Target Technology: Java
  • Project Scope: 400 000 LoC
  • Project Duration: 3 months

The customized Ispirer Toolkit made it possible to facilitate migration from Oracle to Java for a major IT service provider.


As a result of the Oracle to Java migration project, the client received the following results:

  • Customized solution incorporating a unique migration approach
  • Acceleration of Oracle to Java migration by 2-3 times due to smart automation.

Customized Ispirer Toolkit speeded up Oracle to Java migration 2-3 times


The company, located in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, and sustainable technologies. Their multidisciplinary team of experts collaborate to deliver bespoke solutions, ensuring their clients’ businesses stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Committed to excellence, our customer is dedicated to shaping the future through innovation and transformative technologies.


We were contacted by a company that had previously been our client. However, this time, the company acted as an intermediary, seeking our assistance in a project for their client. The client is a major player in the US financial market. Given strict regulations and security standards, the client had a clear but an unusual requirement to tackle a non-standard migration challenge.

The task at hand involved migrating business logic from Oracle to Java, a direction our team was well-acquainted with due to previous similar migrations. However, what made this request stand out was the emphasis on elevating the business logic to the application level while maintaining the database queries at the database level. This unique twist added an extra layer of complexity to the project.


Following thorough discussions, our team arrived at the decision to proceed with an extension stage, aimed at tailoring our automated migration tools to the client's unique needs.

In this extension stage, the focus was on creating a solution that preserved database queries at the database level, while relocating the remaining logic to the application level. As a result of their investigation, the Ispirer developers came up with a solution in which a separate procedure was created for each database query. This solution allows you to leave requests to the database at the database level and not disrupt the business logic, which is transferred to the application level.

In the next phase, the Ispirer development team implemented modifications to Ispirer Toolkit, enabling the seamless execution of this transition through the tool. Thus, the client received a solution customized specifically for this project.

When converting Oracle PL/SQL to Java using Ispirer Toolkit, our client not only receives the converted code but also a framework developed by our company. This framework is designed to implement the unique functionality of the source technology, which does not have direct equivalents in the target technology.

As dictated by the client's stringent security standards, an exhaustive examination was carried out by their team, revealing instances of non-compliance with the specified requirements. After the examination the Ispirer team received a comprehensive list of identified issues and successfully aligned our framework to meet the stipulated security standards. To enhance the database interaction efficiency, the Ispirer team made a significant change to our framework.


Thanks to the Ispirer’s solution, the client received a customized tool for automated non-standard migration of business logic from Oracle to Java. The solution is capable of speeding up the migration process by 2-3 times compared to manual conversion.

The client received the customized Ispirer Toolkit with a high automation rate of Oracle to Java migration to proceed with the migration of the entire 400k lines of code.