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Informix 4GL to Java Migration


Ispirer MnMTK is the application migration tool, which supports Informix to Java conversion of any complexity.

Main benefits of using Ispirer MnMTK for Informix 4GL to Java Conversion:

  • High quality and experiences technical support: our technical team has a tremendous experience in migration projects of different levels of complexity.
  • Customer-oriented approach and Fast Customization: we personalize our migration tool in such a way that a customized version can fully satisfy our client’s business needs, custom conversions and optimizations are made within 1-2 business days;
  • Pre-Sales Engagement: we demonstrate a full conversion during the evaluation before you make a decision.
  • Flexible pricing: we can offer you a wide range of options, among which you will definitely find the one which suits you;
  • Optimized Conversion: after the conversion you get an intelligent and maintainable code, without using any Ispirer's middleware.

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Assessment Process

The assessment of your migration project could definitely help to weigh up efforts and the approximate cost of your migration. In order to facilitate the process, you're welcome to fill in our:

Ispirer offers comprehensive engagement process for your application conversion project. For the detailed information please go to Application Migration Engagement Model page.

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Ispirer Migration Solution

Informix 4GL to Java


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Ispirer Migration Solution

Informix 4GL to Java

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Conversion Features

  • All database connections in Informix 4GL application are migrated to JDBC connections with a correct connection command.
  • All DML statements are migrated to PreparedStatement in Java. In case when a database is different from Informix Ispirer MnMTK conversion tool automatically changes a DML statement accordingly to new database rules.


    Source Informix 4GL statement:

    1. SELECT zip FROM accounts

    Result after conversion into Java:

    1. mStmt = conn.prepareStatement("SELECT zip from accounts");
    2. Rs = mStmt.executeQuery();

    Examples from different databases:

    Source Informix 4GL statement:
    1. SELECT tab1.col_id
    2. FROM tab1, tab2
    3. WHERE tab1.tbl_name = "tab_name"
    4. AND tab1.br_id = "col_name"

    Results after conversion into Java with target database MSSQL:

    1. mStmt = conn.prepareStatement("SELECT tab1.col_id FROM tab1
    3. tab1.tbl_name = 'tab_name' AND tab1.br_id = 'col_name' ");
    4. Rs = mStmt.executeQuery();

    Source Informix 4GL statement:

    1. SELECT col2[2,2] FROM test_table;

    Results after conversion into Java with target database MySQL:

    1. mStmt = conn.prepareStatement("SELECT SUBSTR(col2,2,1)
    2. from test_table");
    3. Rs = mStmt.executeQuery();
  • Informix 4GL Modules to Java classes migration:
    • Main functions in the Informix 4GL application are migrated to Constructor class in Java.


      Source Informix 4GL :
      1. MAIN
      2. DEFINE
      3. i INTEGER,
      4. j INTEGER
      5. LET i = 3
      6. LET j = 5
      7. END MAIN

      Results after conversion into Java:

      1. import java.util.*;
      2. public class Main_func_4gl
      3. {
      4. int i;
      5. int j;
      7. public Main_func()
      8. {
      9. i = 3;
      10. j = 5;
      11. }
      12. }
    • Informix 4GL records are represented by Inner Class in Java. Every field in record is a property of inner class.


      Source Informix 4GL :

      1. LRRpt RECORD
      2. account LIKE accounts.account,
      3. name LIKE,
      4. addr1 LIKE accounts.addr1,
      5. addr2 LIKE accounts.addr2,
      6. addr3 LIKE accounts.addr3,
      7. city LIKE,
      8. state LIKE accounts.state,
      9. zip LIKE,
      10. phone LIKE
      11. END RECORD

      Results after conversion into Java:

      1. class Lrrpt_class
      2. {
      3. String account;
      4. String name;
      5. String addr1;
      6. String addr2;
      7. String addr3;
      8. String city;
      9. String state;
      10. String zip;
      11. String phone;
      12. }
  • Infromix 4GL forms to Java Swing migration:
    • For composing components our migration tool uses GridBagLayout class. So all your controls will be placed as grid in a Java application.
    • All static text goes to JLabel and all results in a field go to JTextField.
  • You can download more samples:

    You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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    Everything went very well, thank you! We did convert everything that we needed without a problem! It was perfect and we have the output we need. Thank you!

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