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Even a perfectly debugged system needs to be updated and modernized over time. As with a workplace, the code needs to be cleaned periodically. Just like papers, mugs, notes, and other items end up piled on the table, so does the application code become cluttered with dead code, redundant comments and other programming discrepancies. The reason for that is the flexible nature of the IT development process itself. Task requirements may change while they are in progress, testing may reveal numerous bugs, as well as urgent improvements required to be made. As a result, all this affects the structure of the code: it becomes chaotic, littered, and "bloated".

Ispirer team provides professional refactoring of application code and SQL code of your databases. Our approach is based on diving head-first into your code, that is why we are always cognizant of its unique components, know what changes have to be made, and have a clear understanding where and how to refactor certain elements.

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Why Code Refactoring is Necessary

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Here are some reasons why you should opt for application and database refactoring services:

  • Design-related issues accumulate
  • Application code is inconsistent
  • Software refinement and fixing bugs take a lot of time
  • Code lacks agility because of technical debt
  • Poor code quality hampers adding new features

Skyrocket your application with code refactoring


Make your application scalable

Business operations typically experience periods of peak traffic and relatively calm periods. It is both technically and financially important to have a reliable application that can handle the increasing number of users. Code refactoring can drastically improve the performance and scalability of the code.

Save expense

Cut your development costs

The outdated code with a technical debt is usually hard to expand, which leads to extra effort and additional costs the company must cover as a result. The first step on the way to securing business viability and engineering team satisfaction, is professional code quality analysis. Following that, our legacy code refactoring will help to pay off the technical debt while ensuring readability and reliability of the code.


Improve user experience

Poorly written code is hard to maintain and often leads to significant downtime, which can negatively impact the user experience. Our seasoned development team thinks both of the client and the end-user. With focus on the features that really matter, our engineers can refactor your code and eliminate errors, enhance usability and consistency to improve overall user experience of your application.

Fast in use

Boost your app development

Initial business tasks of an application can often be altered after it is deployed. In combination with poor-quality planning, it can lead to certain issues in the future. This is the reason for a bunch of shortcuts that significantly reduce development time, but impede new feature development in the long run. Ispirer refactoring services can remove these barriers and simplify adding new features.

Code Quality Audit

There are several criteria that can be used for software quality assurance after code refactoring services. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Maintainability. Easily maintainable code is better equipped to handle ever-changing business needs, which can help to future-proof the software.
  • Testability. Well-designed code, that follows best practices, allows developers to test individual components of the system and identify issues more quickly.
  • Readability. Easy-to-understand code follows established coding standards and uses consistent naming conventions.
  • Reliability. Refactored code should be more robust, which means that it should have fewer bugs and be less prone to errors or crashes.
  • Security. Refactoring of legacy code helps to eliminate vulnerabilities making it less susceptible to hacking.

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Our code refactoring services can help you optimize your code for better performance, scalability, and maintainability.

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Our Experts

Seasoned experts who can deliver top-notch code refactoring services and bring your software to the next level

Evgeniya C.

Eugenie C.

Senior software engineer with 7-year-long record in application development, migration and modernization. Skilled in Java and SQL

Victor B.

Victor B.

Senior software developer with 5-year expertise in full cycle software development, DevOps and legacy code modernization. Skilled in C/C++, C#, SQL, Qt, Windows Forms, WPF, ODBC, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, WCF, IIS, Bash, Cmake.

Alesya P.

Alessia P.

Java development expert with 7-year record and focus on solving non-trivial problems. Skilled in Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Java EE, Java SE, Swing, JDBC, SQL and C++

Alex M.

Alex M.

Senior database engineer with 5 years of experience in database development and modernization, as well as code quality analysis of a database. Skilled in development, migration and modernization of Oracle, PostgreSQL.

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If you are looking for a code refactoring company, Ispirer can provide expert code audits, comprehensive solutions, and valuable recommendations to achieve your software modernization goals. With our extensive experience, we have developed a set of automation tools and best practices for the implementation of any software modernization project.

Database Audit

Our code quality audit will provide you with a detailed report on the bottlenecks in your database and valuable recommendations on how to improve its performance.

Application Audit

Enhance your application with the help of our expert code audit which will identify key vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to handle them.

Application conversion

Upgrade an application by converting the entire application code to a new technology stack. Ensure high performance, code maintainability and compliance with best practices.

Database migration

Focus on your core business goals, while Ispirer experts handle legacy database migration, including SQL objects, tables and data, from your source database to the desired endpoint.

Why Refactor with Ispirer

Seasoned Team

Seasoned team

Ensuring high security and performance standards is what we do best, thanks to our impressive experience in building reliable and scalable solutions.

Enhanced efficiency

Technology expertise

Having 20+ years of experience our team has gained a wide pool of expertise in various programming languages from the rarest to the most popular ones.

Advanced security

Top-notch data security

We comply with ISO 27001 security management requirements with comprehensive policies and processes, advanced security technology, and skilled professionals.

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