Andsome & Company, Korea

DB2 AS/400 to Oracle

Andsome & Company, Korea

Sooshin Kim


October 1, 2013

Andsome & Company Co., Ltd. have used SQLWays for 2 months in process of converting existing DB2 in AS400 to Oracle 11g release 2 both data and sources.

SQLWays is the powerful tool to migrate data and sources from DB2 to Oracle database. We could reduce the necessary period almost a half that we have planned and also bring the cost down to SQLWays. It has been perfectly migrated data and sources by SQLWays. We have rarely needed to customize converting sources by human power during migration.

In addition we have found that when we do run into issues or have improvement ideas these are dealt with in a professional and timely manner, which adds tremendously to our confidence in the tools.

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